Nick Diaz, Technically Speaking…

UFC welterweight number one contender and Cesar Gracie Jiu Jitsu black belt Nick Diaz is on top of the world right now.  He dismantled UFC legend BJ Penn this past weekend in a display of MMA boxing for the ages.  The thought was that the boxing between Diaz and Penn was just about even, but Diaz proved he was light years ahead when you throw in his cardio and pace.

So check this video out right here -

This is Diaz participating in a match under ADCC Submission Wrestling rules.   His opponent is Brazilian Jorge Patino,   Known as “Macaco’ he is an old school black belt who fought Pat Miletich at UFC 18.  Well Diaz submits him with a very slick move in under 2 minutes.

People thought before the Penn fight that Penn was perhaps better on the ground, as he is a BJJ World Champion.   The truth is, I don’t think so.  My contacts in the BJJ world give Penn credit, but he won the title once, and many of the top names in that weight class were out that year.  They wanted him to come back and defend the title, he never exposed himself.  He never went to ADCC despite multiple invites.

When it comes to applying submissions in MMA  especially, I’m not ready to say that Penn is better than Diaz.

The fact that Diaz has put in the work and is extremely technical both on the feet and on the ground are the first reason I think we could be looking at the next big thing.  We saw his stand up and were impressed, we will also be impressed by his ground game.

I found it interesting that he shouted out to former teammate David Terrell in his post fight interview at UFC 137.  I haven’t heard that name in a long time, but Terrell was part of the group with the Diaz brothers, Jake Shields and Gilbert and he is a black belt under Cesar Gracie as well.

At 185 lbs, Terrell would be better than Shields to simulate St Pierre in training for the fight.  Terrell hasn’t fought since 2006, and has not been around the scene.  On a side note, David was the coach that introduced UFC veteran Tyson Griffin to the world of MMA, and Tyson could maybe use his old coach back right about now as well.

So in the ring, just minutes after his biggest win, Diaz is thinking about training for his next fight, and again showing the loyalty to his team and his boys that is going to make him hard to hate for some.

Thefact is I think the Nick Diaz era is about to begin.


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