Overeem’s Horsemeat is Tainted! Out of UFC Heavyweight Title Shot!

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Alistair Overeem has added more than 50 lbs of muscle since he started out in MMA as a Lightheavyweight.

In case you missed your pro wrestling this week, you may have seen that former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar has returned to the WWE.  The man that retired him from the UFC with a serious beatdown, Alistair Overeem, was scheduled to take on Champion Junior Dos Santos for the UFC title at UFC 146, but alas, that is not to be.  Overeem has tested positive for unusually high amounts of testosterone, meaning the high profile bout is off.  Now the UFC is left scrambling for an opponent for Dos Santos, and frankly the options are light.  As for Overeem, there are still an awful lot of questions he is going to have to answer at some point.

Overeem started his career in the late 90′s, as a lightheavyweight.  Granted the calendar tells us that he began his career as an 18 year old, and from the beginning you could see that he was a good athlete.  Even with those factors under consideration, the muscle mass he has packed on over the years has been the cause of a lot of speculation.

The truth is that until the UFC and Strikeforce, Overeem has never fought in an organization that has any type of policy or testing process.   The Japanese organizations don’t test for steroids.  Certainly the European groups he fought in, which are all run by people with ties to Golden Glory, don’t test.  Overeem can say disingenuous things like “I have never tested positive”, but he has likely been tested 3 times in his entire MMA career.  Frankly, Alistair, after all the scrutiny surrounding this subject when you fought Lesnar, it is impossible to believe that you started to do them.  It is pretty clear and logical that you have been abusing PEDs for a long time, and you just got caught now.

Now there is talk of Frank Mir being bumped into the title shot with Dos Santos.  I’m not excited by that match at all.  There has also been talk of Fedor Emilianenko joining the UFC, but that continues to be highly unlikely.  The Mark Hunt option is picking up some momentum.

Not only did Overeem trash his own reputation, he has taken the UFC’s Heavyweight division and taken the shiny coat of gloss completely off.  Overeem represented fresh talent, now all we have is retreads and former champions looking for another shot.  Hunt versus Dos Santos might be a compelling match, but Hunt is 8-7 overall – not exactly a title contender in normal circumstances.

Thanks Alistair!  Now let’s see what the UFC does to revamp the UFC 146 lineup.

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