Patriots Vs Panthers Odds and Betting Picks

Hosts “Bar Stool Super Hero Randy Mann” and his fabulous side kick and “Football Feline” Gabriela Gordon disagree on who is the real Superman. Gabi is leaning Tom B and Mr. Mann gives the edge to Cam Newton. The current value for the patriots vs panthers odds has the Carolina squad at -3 even money. That being said, oddsmakers are siding with Super Randy on paper, but only by the standard home field advantage 3 point value. The fact that the Panthers are getting “plus money” means the true straight up value lies with Super Hostess Gabi’s Super lean.

NFL Betting Odds

Show Transcript:

On Monday Night, we’ll visit the Tarheel State to watch the Panthers of Carolina take on the Pats—

The Panther D Tightened a noose around the 49ers last Sunday, claiming their 5th impressive win in a row—


They’ll need to look real good with Brady’s Bunch coming into town— the Pats offense continues to improve as their gimpy soldiers make their returns.

Gabi- what are the numbers looking like?

GABI: Randy, currently at BETDSI the Panthers are 3 point favorites at home— laying Even Money.

And depending on whose Power Rankings you’re looking at, New England comes in a Point to Point and a half better than Carolina.

I personally give the Patriots and Super-Stud-Muffin Tom Brady the edge in this one, even though their Road Record is .500—

Back atcha Randy.

RANDY: Bold Predictions from the Bold & The Beautiful!

Well guys, It’s a rare thing to have to disagree with my gorgeous friend here, but Gabi I’m gonna have to lean toward Carolina in this one!

This is an opportunity for Cam Newton to shine at home- and we all know he likes to shine. Plus, I think their #2 ranked Defense is going to get in Brady’s grill.

Any parting words for us Gabi?

GABI: Guys be sure and check out BETDSI for the latest odds & info for all your plays—And don’t forget to see our new Live Betting product for in-game betting action! Hope to see you soon!

RANDY: OK gang- that’s all for now. Be sure and check us out next week.

As always, best of luck out there.

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