PED’s in MMA and Other Sports – Does Anyone Really Care?

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Nick Diaz supposedly had operations to limit his bleeding after he dropped a fight to KJ Noons.

OK I’m just going to say it.  There are a good number of athletes in all sports that use Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) as part of their preparation.  This is a fact of life, and like the ‘war on drugs’ and the ‘war on terror’ the more resources that are put into stopping the use of PEDs the more resources the ‘users’ put into beating the system.  And as a fan, I really don’t care I honestly don’t.   It’s not like Mark Mcguire was shooting himself up with horse hormone, and he turned into a horse one day.  It is probably better if the athletes were allowed to use them above the table, under medical supervision with a strict regimen.

I’m not here to accuse anyone of using steroids.  But let’s go right to the top in MMA – Randy Couture.   The guy is a hero to millions, he is an MMA legend and he has never tested positive for any type of PED in any of the testing he has undergone.   But I know what I see, and I have questions.

Look at his debut in the UFC, way back in May of 1997.    Randy was 34, a mature man, and a world class wrestler.  He was fit, athletic and strong, as he would have to be to compete in wrestling at the level he did.

Now compare the 1997 Randy to the Randy that retired earlier this year after his loss to Lyoto Machida.  The muscle mass, the bodybuilder physique, the actual skin color.  I don’t know, you decide.

One of the hottest names in MMA today is Nick Diaz.  Now Nick doesn’t bring up the same questions with his physique, but there is a whole different level to this.   Diaz has reportedly had operations to remove scar tissue and to shave a bit of bone above his eyes.  Nick was known as a bleeder, he was getting cut in his fights, and these procedures would supposedly limit the bleeding.  Isn’t that a ‘Performance Enhancing’ procedure?  How do we regulate that?

The following is MMA lore, I can’t be 100 percent sure it is a fact but knowing the athlete involved, it is high in truth probability.

It was a UFC title fight in a state with an active and strong commission.  The testing is mandatory for title fights I am pretty sure.  The fight lasted 25 minutes, the challenger lost.  He went to the back, went to the locker areas and provided a urine sample to the commission.  The tests were passed with no issues.

The word is that he did the entire 25 minute fight wearing a ‘whizzinator’ in his cup.  The ‘Whizzinator’ is a fake dick that holds fluids (in this case clean piss from a teammate).  How much smarter is this guy than Kevin Randleman, who got suspended for using the urine of a cadaver or a dead dog or something like that?

So people are using PEDs in MMA, and in boxing and in every sport out there, and despite a dummy getting caught here and there, the commissions are putting on a dog and pony show of regulation for something they can’t stop.


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