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Oh how sweet the internet is.  I watched a recording of a RailsConf yesterday and the keynote speaker Gary Vaynerchuk said, “no one can hide anymore, everything we do is public.”  So back in August I wrote a post on how this douche bag named Grant Sampson from Play Tampa (a local area rec league) scammed us out of $5,350.   At the time I only hoped to vilify him for all eternity through the use of the blog as well as let off some steam as I really don’t like getting cheated, especially when its one of these scumbag assholes who makes a living at it as I would soon learn was the case.

So about 3 weeks after I wrote the post I got an email from someone who knew Grant Sampson and filled me in on where I could find him as well as his other scams and cons that he had already been busted for.  The good semaritan also suggested that I google his name (durr, durr, not sure why I hadn’t done this before).  Anyways, low and behold the 3rd listing down in google was this:

Personal Information
Grant William Sampson
Age 37 Years Old Sex M
Birth Date 9-5-1973 Race W
Weight 175 lbs Eye Color HAZ
Height 5’10″ Hair Color BRO
Address 235 BRANDON BL W
Birth Place FL City BRANDON, FL
Arrest Information
Arrest Date 3-10-2011 Arrested By HCSO
Time Booked 17:34
Arrest Location 2506 EDGEWATER FALLS DR, Hillsbourgh, FL
 Charge 1
       STATUTE: THEF1011
People actually left comments on his arrest record page LOL…

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He’s been ripping people off for years as the supposed owner of the Tampa Sports and Social Club. Charging money for sports leagues which never happen. Nice mug shot.
#1 – Gretta – 03/28/2011 – 00:02
It’s nice to see that this scam artist is finally being held accountable for his actions! He has been taking money and leaching off of “friends” for years.
#2 – an ex – 04/09/2011 – 00:19
Tampa Sports and Social Club
Tampa Sports and Social Club IS A TOTAL SCAM. This guy set it up to take $ from people. Enjoy your new rep, looser!!!!!!!
#3 – Tampa Sports and Social Club – 04/14/2011 – 14:37
I can’t understand why he hasn’t posted on here yet saying that it is all a big mistake, that he really is an honorable human being, and please send money asap.
#4 – JMC – 05/02/2011 – 15:13
#5 – – 05/03/2011 – 23:07
I was ripped off by him too. He seems to get a kick out of stealing from decent people.
#6 – former friend – 05/20/2011 – 21:49
So the shit head has been popped before.  Now the world can see his face, if you happen to see him let him know the following:

If you cross paths with this waste of skin please advise him that I get ranked alot higher than his Linked In profile ever will, and anyone looking for this piece of shit is going to find him right here.

Also I was told that he hangs out at The Rack in Brandon which funny enough he tried to get me to do a sponsorship with as well.  So now you know where to find him and if the ownership of The Rack cares about negative posts being associated with their business they would be wise to ban him from their locations and contact me to confirm it.

There have been Grant Sampson sightings at The Rack in Brandon...

No one can hide forever…

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