Poker FAQ’s, New Features and things you need to know

With the launch of our latest upgrade to our poker offering comes alot of improvements and changes that we want you to be aware of. Don’t worry its ALL GOOD STUFF!!!


How is Bonus Cash Released?  You receive one bonus dollar for every 1200 Frequent Player Points (FPPs) Earned.  You receive one FPP for every $0.01 of rake generated.

What is a time based tourney?  A time based tourney is a tournament that is played for a set period of time rather than a tournament playing down until the last man is standing.  Winners and prize money is dependent upon chip count at the time the clock expires.  First place goes to the player with the most chips when the tournament is over.

How can I re-size the tables?  You can resize the tables by clicking and dragging the table from any of its edges.  Release the mouse button once you’ve found your desired table size.

How can I straddle? In order to straddle simply select the straddle box on the bottom right hand of your screen once you are sitting at the table.

What is a geo target tournament?  A geo targeted tournament is a tournament that is country or region specific.  It allows players only from that region or country to participate and play.

How can I use the tournament filter? The tournament lobby is located directly above the tournament list in the tournament lobby.  Use the filters by clicking on them.  Once the selected filter is highlighted in green it will display the information only for the highlighted item.  For example if you click on the freeroll filter it will then display only freerolls.

How can I use the cash game filter?  The cash game filter is located directly above the games in the main lobby.   Filters include stake size and limit type.

How Can I check my stats?  You can view your statistics for your current session once sitting at the table.  Click on the graph tab on the far left located directly above the chat box to see how you’re doing on the session.

What is a bad beat jackpot table?  By sitting at a bad beat jackpot table it gives players the opportunity to win a share of a progressive jackpot by having quad 88s or better beaten.  A small amount of money is deducted from every pot awarded at these tables in order to build the jackpot.

What are Tournament Bucks (TB)?  Tournament bucks are awarded through satellites and promotions.  You can redeem these bucks to register in any tournament but they carry no cash value.

Our New and Improved Software

All Software Bugs Fixed-You spoke we listened.  A special thanks to our loyal players for reporting the quirks and bugs in the software that needed to be remedied.  We’re proud to report that we’ve fixed every problem reported.  You can now play confidently knowing that the software is in perfect working order and will respond to your every click just as it should.

Stable software-Our new software allows for smoother gameplay, less disconnects, and faster paced action.

Bad beat jackpot-A bad beat never felt so good.  We’ve now added progressive bad beat jackpot tables!  A bad beat jackpot is won when quad 88’s or better is beaten at any of our bad beat jackpot tables.  For the specific rules, and breakdown of the jackpot click here.

7 Card Stud-We’ve added this classic game to our repertoire.  Now, in addition to being able to play Texas Holdem and Omaha, you can try your luck at our new 7 card stud tables.  For instructions and rules on how to play 7 Card Stud click here.

32 Card Poker-Also known as “stripped deck poker” this new addition allows for fast action, premium hand selection that’s sure to blow you away.   For complete instructions and rules on how to play 32 card poker click here.

Fold/Show functionality –Never fold the winning hand again!  Our improved software will warn you when you may potentially fold your hand when it’s free to check or show it down.

Straddle Tables-You like action?  Try our new straddle tables.  A straddle is a live bet that effectively becomes the “bigger blind”.  Action begins with the player to the left of the straddle and the straddler has the last option to make his decision pre-flop.  The addition of the straddle, making it a 3 blind game makes for bigger pots and wilder action!

Chop Pots-Save on blinds and battling out small pots.  Our improved software now allows you to chop the blinds on tables with 3 or more people.  If all players have folded to the blinds, our improved product gives the two players in the blinds to pull back their bets and chop the blinds.

Short Handed Tournaments-We’ve added short-handed tournaments to our new revamped tournament schedule!  You can now play tournaments with anywhere from 2-9 players at each table!

Auto Rebuy Options-Our new top of your chips in cash games and tournaments.  Use the rebuy checkbox to add onto your chips automatically in tournaments come rebuy and add on time.  At our cash tables our software will top up your stack to your desired amount so you’re never low on chips when you get that big hand!

Bounty/Knockout Tournaments-When you take on pros like Doyle Brunson and Mike Caro in our famous bounty tournaments, the bounty will awarded to your balance as soon as you bust them.  Cleaning out a pro has never been so rewarding.

Time Bank-Our new time bank allows you ample time to make those tough decisions.  We let you see exactly how much time you have left to act and you can add more

Time Based Tournaments-This is one of our coolest and most unique additions for tournament lovers.  Now you don’t have to be the last man standing at the end of the tournament to win a tournament, you just need to be chip leader when the clock times down to zero.  For example, in an hour long event, the player with the most chips at the end of 60 minutes wins.  This is a terrific option for players with time constraints who may not have time to play for hours on end!

Winnings Paid Immediately-If you place in a tournament you no longer have to wait until the tournament is over to use your funds to get back on some action.  As soon as you’re eliminated from the tourney we place the winnings in your account.

Full Real Time Backend-You no longer have to wait until the next day to see your statistics and the number of hands you’ve played.  This upgrade is complete with a full real time backend complete with details such as number of hands played, raked generated, and bonus released.

Improved Late registration-More players mean bigger prize pools!  We’re now allowing our players to get into the tournament action even after a few levels have passed.  Our guaranteed tournaments are going to be bigger than ever!

Bonus Cash-Players can now earn extra bonus cash on first deposit and reload bonuses.  Players earn $1 of bonus cash for every 1200 Frequent Player Points (FPPs) Earned.  Players receive 1 FPP for every $0.01 of rake generated.

Resizable Tables-you can now fit as many table as you want to satisfy all your multi-tabling needs.  Simply adjust the size of the table by clicking and dragging the edge of the table.

Cascading Tables-Multi-tabling at its best!  Use the cascade option to play as many tables as possible.  Our software will automatically select the table which needs your decision according to time remaining.

ManilaOne of the most popular games in Australian casinos is a Texas hold ‘em variant called “Manila” (also called “Seven-up” in some places). It is played with a Stripped deck in which all cards below the rank of 7 are removed (leaving 32 cards). Each player is dealt two private cards, and a single community card is dealt face up, followed by the first betting round. Then a second community card is followed by a second round, a third community card and a third round, and fourth community card and a fourth round, and finally a fifth community card, fifth betting round, and showdown. On showdown, unlike Texas hold ‘em (and more like Omaha), each player makes the best hand possible from both of their own hole cards with exactly three of the five community cards.


Because of the stripped deck, a flush beats a full house. Also, an ace may not be played low for a straight (that is, the hand A-7-8-9-10 is not a straight in Manila). Manila and its variants are rarely played high-low split (in fact, very few stripped deck games are ever played low).

Common variations involve dealing three cards to each player, one of which can either be discarded at some point (like Pineapple, above), or else held to the end, but maintaining the requirement that players play exactly two of their own cards with exactly three of the board. The three-card variant is sometimes played with 6s being restored to the deck, making it 36 cards.

If you have any more questions or comments please feel free to contact our Poker support team to assist you.

The Team at BetDSI


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