Quinton Jackson To Box Roy Jones Jr?!?

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Former pound for pound best boxer in the world Roy Jones Jr may be boxing MMA star Quinton ‘Ranpage’ Jackson.

Bellator and Viacom have apparently been talking for more than half a year to former multi time world champion boxer Roy Jones Jr  about an appearance, and it appears to be in a boxing PPV against Bellator property Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson.  Jackson’s recent signing with Bellator made news, and Jackson himself was in the media lauding the contract’s flexibility and ability to cross market him.  This is apparently part of the plan.

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You know, in the late 90′s I would have paid to see Roy Jones Jr versus Randy Couture.  Now that would have been awesome.  Jones was the Floyd Mayweather Jr of that era, the flat out best boxer in the world, and he let you know it.   Unlike Mayweather who is more of a strategist, Jones Jr did it all with bombast and flash.

But that was 15 years ago, and Jones has steadily eroded his legacy by continuing to fight long past his prime.  At 44 years old, he has a lot of mileage and he certainly cannot beat any of the relevant boxers currently, so Jones needs a gimmick to try and make money.

As for Bellator and Viacom, they must feel that the constant rumors and even talk by UFC Champion Anderson Silva about boxing Roy Jones Jr mean that they got the jump on their rivals by getting a deal with Jones for one of their superstars.

Let me splash Bellator with a dose of reality – the UFC can do whatever they want.  If they truly thought that Roy Jones vs Anderson Silva was presentable and would not be looked at as a joke, they would have done the match a long time ago.  They didn’t and that should tell Bellator all they needed to know.

Now they are left with an MMA fighter who is doing pro wrestling with TnA and will also potentially be boxing for a PPV match with Jones in the fall.  It is hard to imagine a scenario where those appearances will help Rampage’s reputation more than putting together a few nasty wins in the Bellator cage.

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