Rampage, Bones Jones and Spygate?

OK, so Quinton Jackson is having to root out spies from the Jon Jones camp while he is training?  This is getting ridiculous.

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Maybe the UFC's personality savior in the long run, Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson

So what is Quinton doing over there?  Is it like he is developing these never before seen techniques that are gonna really be a difference maker?

Look, I can understand protecting an injury, and of course making sure your opponent doesn’t know about it can be a key factor in a fight.  But this ‘scandal’ is a little bit of Rampage just being Rampage and making a mountain out of a molehill.

Rampage is saying that he has been spied on before, that a knee injury was used against him.

But after I think about it, and look back on some of my recent blogs, Rampage may be just what MMA needed! I mean, he isn’t going to fool long term observers of the sport, but that isn’t what the sport of MMA needs.  We need some controversy, we need some drama.  So if Jon Jones and company are the  MMA version of Bill Belichik, let’s make a HUGE deal of it.  What MMA needs is CNN and SI and those mainstream sites to create some HEAT and thanks to Rampage for doing it.

Supposedly at the Wildcard gym in Los Angeles, where boxer Manny Pacquiao trains with Amir Khan and Freddie Roach, they have a strict policy of who gets to watch, who gets to take photos, who gets to video.  Maybe it is time for the MMA guys to adopt some of the same procedures at the highest level.

But this really sounds a little bit more like Jackson being Jackson.  It really is a non story, that he faked an injury in order to weed out an observer?  And that Joe Silva, the UFC matchmaker called from Brazil?

Hate to say it but that is Joe’s job, to be on top of these things.  How does that tie in to ‘Bones’?

So, I have been complaining about a lack of personality in the UFC’s upper echelon guys, and here comes wacky Rampage Jackson with a conspiracy.  I’m not sure it is coherent but it might just be the attention getter that is needed. What I don’t want to hear is  another Frankie Edgar interview about how much he respects Gray Maynard.





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