Sexiest Tennis Rankings of 2012

This time we have selected the WTA ranking list to top the sexiest tennis players of the year.

Check out the sexiest Women’s tennis worldwide rankings for 2012, with spicy pictures of these very good looking ladies.

Bulgaria- World No. 1 Azarenka, Victoria

Russia - World No.2 Sharapova, Maria

USA - World No. 4 Williams, Serena

 Denmark - World No.11 Wozniacki, Caroline

Serbia - World No.12 Ivanovic, Ana

 Slovakia- World No.13 Cibulkova, Dominika


Russia - World No.14 Kirilenko, Maria

Russia - World No.19 Zvonareva, Vera.

And of course, - Universe No. 1 we have to give it to Anna Kournikova, who we always remember but not exactly for her winning titles.





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