So Is The UFC In The Future Again For Brock Lesnar?

One of the big buzzes around the UFC 146 that did not come in the Octagon was that former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar was in the house for the festivities this past weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Lesnar had famously retired after his last UFC bout, when he took a gut kick and couldn’t pass the gut check and quit against Alistair Overeem.  Since then he has returned to pro wrestling, his old stomping grounds in the WWE, and the story they have weaved for him has not been shy on UFC references.   So is the big guy heading back to UFC at some point?

The UFC is getting mentions on WWE programming, and both companies are going about it very cleverly.   Both are respecting that their fans can tell the difference between the two outlets.

Lesnar made a huge return to the WWE and went right into a PPV against one of the WWE’s biggest stars, John Cena.  The script for the WWE had him making a series of contract demands that were not met, and he ‘quit’ the WWE.

This was used against him, as was his UFC career.  One wrestler (Triple H) pointed out in a scripted speech that ‘even in UFC, when Brock Lesnar got his ass kicked just a little bit, he quit’.  Ouch.  But an accurate assessment.

Lesnar is being set up for a big PPV Pro Wrestling confrontation with Triple H this summer, so I doubt strongly that he would be returning to the UFC anytime soon.

The obnly exception might have been if Frank Mir had managed to win the UFC Heavyweight title in his bout with Junior Dos Santos this past weekend.  If Mir had won, a rubber match (Mir and Lesnar are 1-1 in the UFC) where Lesnar could also become a 3x UFC Heavyweight Champion, against a known quantity like Mir, that certainly had possibilities.

And to Bellator and TNA, who recently signed ‘King’ Mo Lawal to a cross deal between pro wrestling and MMA, please observe the way the big boys do this!  There is a recent both your companies are a distant second in their respective sports.

Lesnar has not been out of the spotlight since he left the UFC and went to WWE.  He has been on every major broadcast the WWE has had (several weekly) and he was back in the limelight at UFC 146.

Meanwhile, King ‘Mo’ has done one small interview on TNA and has not appeared since.  Hey the contract is signed, he is getting paid.  Use him.


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