So Who Is The Next Pound For Pound Champ in Boxing?

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Andre Ward may already be the best pound for pound boxer in the world today….

When you review a list of the top pound for pound fighters post Manny Pacquiao, you can’t help but think ‘this list has not changed much in a few years’.  Floyd Mayweather Jr sits atop the list in the number one spot, and veterans Juan Manuel Marquez, Sergio Martinez, The Klitschko brothers and Bernard Hopkins all have been on the list for a long time.  The recent newcomers to the list include Saul Alvarez and Andre Ward, and both have been hovering around the top 15 for a while as well, crawling up as they continue winning.  But who will be the next Floyd Mayweather Jr after the real Floyd is gone?

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The best boxer in the world right now who is a universal #2 Andre Ward.  Ward is a high skill boxer who is America’s last Olympic Gold Medalist in boxing.  The problem for Ward is that he is the kingpin at Super Middleweight with the potential to dominate at Lightheavyweight as well, however there really is not a ‘nemesis’ opponent for Ward, which is what he lacks.

The question is, when will Floyd slip and relinquish his hold on the number one spot?  If it is in his next outing, said to be against Saul Alvarez in September, ‘Canelo’ might slip into the number one spot right from where he is now.  Alvarez is already an icon, at 21 years old he is an undefeated world champion, he is a media and sponsor darling who is already promoting shows as well in his native Mexico.  Along with talent and the strongest support and promotion of any of the up and comers, Alvarez will be in the top spot come October should he break through and beat Mayweather.

Another name that has forced it’s way into the top 10 lists recently is undefeated (26-0) Lightweight Adrien Broner.  Broner is a magnificent technical boxer with skills like Mayweather, and he has mimmicked ‘Money’s hop hop lifestyle meets boxing person as well.  He is brash and cocky, and he has the skills to back it up.

Manny Pacquiao faded from this list after consecutive losses.  Fellow Philippino star Nonito Donaire has vacated the list as well with his recent loss.  As time rolls on, you will see veteran names such as Martinez and Marquez fall off the list.  There is a slew of talent that is ready to step in, such as Gennady Golovkin at Middleweight and the Donaire destroying Guillermo Rigondeaux are part of the immediate future of boxing.




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