South Carolina Odds to Win 2014 BCS Championship | JaDeveon Clowney

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In this week’s segment host Randy Mann gives us the goods on South Carolina Odds to win the 2014 BCS Title.  The Gamecocks come into the 2013/2014 NCAA football season sporting some talent and a coach who knows how to use it.  Steve Spurrier will look to use the ESPY winning talents of football phenom JaDeveon Clowney to strike fear into the hearts of opposing offenses.  With the help of Lock Down cornerback Victor Hampton, there might be some banged up Quarterbacks looking for second and third options to move the football versus the Gamecocks.  The Clowney led defense may excel, but the South Carolina squad will live and die on the performance of Quarterback Conner Shaw and the ability of Running Back Mike Davis to run between the tackles versus powerful SEC defenses.

South Carolina looks to be a good NCAA football betting option this season for those looking for a dark horse contender.  Their odds to win the 2014 BCS championship game are currently listed at +3000.  With the hyped defense featuring Heisman hopeful Clowney, they should also attract some under total bets along the way this season.

Let’s send this to Randy Mann to get us up to date on all of the latest South Carolina betting odds and JaDeveon Clowney information.

South Carolina Betting Odds & JaDeveon Clowney Transcript:

Hello & Welcome to Barstool Blathering!

Where we chalk up sport & wit into boldly crossed X’s and O’s and Tic Tac Toes

I’m your host & barstool chalker Randy Mann

Let’s talk some GameCock Football.



Our last session we featured Texas A&M and Heisman Winner, Johnny Manziel.

Today, we’re gonna chatter about South Carolina and their Heisman hopeful & extra-ordinary defensive end, Jadeveon Clowney.



First of all, the Gamecocks went 11-2 on the season last year losing only to LSU & Florida—the same two teams Texas A&M lost to.

Like the Aggies, The Gamecocks went 8 – 5 Against the Spread, so they put some coin in your pocket if you were on em’.

The Oddsmen have put SC a little over 20/1 to win the BCS and second favorite to win the SEC East, behind Georgia.



The Gamecocks and Bulldogs will go head to head in Game 2 setting the stage for the remainder of the season.

Remember, besides their loss to National Champion Alabama, the Gamecocks served Georgia their only other loss last season, and it was a 35 – 7 beatdown.



South Carolina has an experienced offensive line to protect their quarterback swapping Shaw & Thompson, and filling the void of Lattimore in the running back position is Mike Davis.

If the offense can hang on to the ball, it’s the Gamecock defense that will dictate their season, led by the freakishly athletic Jadeveon Clowney.



SC was ranked 11th in defense last year allowing an average of only 316 yards per game.

While they don’t have any returning linebackers they do still maintain an edge with Victor Hampton & Jimmy Legree on the corners.

But, most offensives will be sketching their game plans with one marked man on the chalk board, the phenom Jadeveon.

Surprising no one has come up with a nickname for him yet, but with a name like Jadeveon …. Guess ya don’t need one.

Regardless, he’ll be the biggest X marking the spot on every offensive chalk board in the land.



My guess is All quarterbacks, running backs, linemen, and ball handlers are quivering at the thought of getting drilled by the Clowney.

But the 20 year old kid is just plain nasty. And, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, then you’ve seen THE HIT of the decade, or at least the biggest hit I’ve seen in modern day history.

The video itself provides reason for the quiver amongst most ball handlers….



His punishing wallop against Michigan running back Vincent Smith in the Outback Bowl was enormous. I personally jumped out of my seat, left gravy on my shirt, and beer on the floor. And am willing to take the over on 1,000’s of spilt beers nationwide.

Can you say Spilt? Is spilt even a word?

Cause many must have been spilt by Clowney along the way!

Anyways, speaking of spilt—there was a michigan helmet spilling off as a ball was spilling out, and who recovers….? Clowney!!



Sports Science and John Brenkus should dedicate an entire episode to Jadeveon’s physicality and that hit.

First of all, think about it…  Jadeveon is 6’6” and runs a 4 – 40. That in and of itself is just plain Scary!

But, if Sports Science were to look at the hit… They’d see Impact occuring at the 35 yard line.

Following the explosion, we see Vincent Smith lying on the 38 yard line—and his helmet rolling back to the 26 yard line.

The ball probably would have rolled to the endzone had Clowney not picked it up.

I mean, I’m no scientist but what kind of physics are involved here to make that kind of yard-sale happen. Parts were flying all over the place!!!



The enormity of the hit was even further compelled by the game time situation. SC was down by one with 8:15 minutes to go in the game, and at the 8 minute mark that play was already frontrunner for an ESPY award.

And it won!

Talk about a game changer— The cocks went on to win the bowl game 33 – 28.

Look for Clowney to add new footage this season during his Heisman race.



Considering Spurrier’s ability to have his team’s ready, and the potential of the Gamecocks defense led by Clowney… I’m really liking their chances to win the SEC East and perhaps the SEC altogether.

In GAME 1, They are in a battle of the Carolinas as the Tarheels pay them a visit at the Cock Pit— The best stadium name in college football.

This game will give us some insight into how ready they are for Georgia the following week.

And who knows, if they can beat Georgia in Athens… they are facing Florida & Clemson at home. Could be an interesting year for the GameCocks– Maybe we’ll see them in them in the Georgia Dome in December?

That’s all for now, thanks for tuning in….

Til’ the next time, I remain….

Looking forward to the Cock Fights!



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