Sports Bettors Always Have an Edge

Sports Bettors always have an edge

Sports bettors maintain one major edge over the books, they always have and always will, even though it is often overlooked: the right to first refusal. 

It really is a big advantage when you think about it. With all the competition in the industry the sportsbooks offer lines on everything from the major sports to Arena and Canadian football, games and halftimes, overseas hoops leagues, soccer from all over the world, golf, tennis, and tons of fights. To remain competitive sportsbooks must offer as much of these products as possible and a myriad of bet types.

But on the bettors’ side of the coin, they can pass or play at their discretion, picking and choosing games and wagers as they see fit in order to maximize their profit potential, wagering enjoyment, or possibly both.

The betting houses cannot really choose what to offer and when, nor can they limit players to certain events, it’s an open book – so to speak – and bettors can take what they want, when they want, if they want.

Take a look at a typical college football weekend as an example – and for ease of numbers lets say there are 50 games on the betting board. That’s 50 sides, totals, and moneylines on the games, 50 sides and totals on the first half, and the same on the second half, then add major televised games that may have sides and totals available for wagering on all four quarters. We get up to over four hundred wagering events in no time, with the opportunity to play straight, parlay, teaser and other bets on many of these.

The benefit of being able to pick and choose or pass, is a major one, the bettors have the advantage.

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