Spurs and Heat in a Critical game 3….

It all comes down to game 3.  It may sound simplistic, but do not make a mistake, this is now the most important game of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and The San Antonio Spurs.  A look at the odds find the Spurs favored going into this match up, so the pressure is on Miami after losing the home court advantage by dropping game 1.

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The first two games were split, and we saw the formulas on how each team can win the series at play in both games.  The Spurs rely on team play and have star they can count on, especially Tony Parker as they showed in Game1 .  But the Heat are capable of getting hot and becoming unstoppable as they showed in Game 2.  The particularly scary part of that run is that it didn’t really have Lebron James operating on all cylinders.  The possibilities of a run like that led by a hot James are scary.

Which is why the Spurs are in a backs to the wall, must win situation.  Yes. they are a crafty, well coached team that are always dangerous, but if they go down 2-1 to the Heat tonite, there is no way they are going to win this series.

If the Spurs win, the series will likely see another Miami surge at some point and you will enter into the ebbs and flows of a true Final series with all the nuances that make the sport great.

Here is a take.  The Spurs are the best team in the league, bar none at using their energy efficiently, and they were even fined by the NBA for resting players.  That same type of philosophy may have hit them in game 2, because of their ‘they have this one, next?’ mentality.  When the game got out of hands the Spurs were already working on game 3.

Being a veteran team, the Spurs can probably read their danger, so look for them to play their best basketball today.  The main thing is to control Miami’s offense.  The best case scenario for the Spurs would be to win by blowout and give Miami a taste of their own medicine.


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