Stephan Bonnar versus Anderson Silva Saves The Day?

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Pose away Stephan! Come October you will get a check for catching another loss to end your career.

It has been an injury filled year for the UFC, and the UFC’s 153rd offering, slated for Rio de Janiero, Brazil recently fell apart with injuries.  In steps Middleweight hall of famer Anderson Silva to save the day, and taking the match against the all time great is tough guy Stephan Bonnar.  Kudos to both men for taking the fight, but what are the bettors out there supposed to do with odds that are about 15 to 1 in favor of Silva?  Ther eis little doubt Silva will win, but you practically haver to put up the cost of a car to make $1000.  How can we bet on this crap?

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Bonnar is a tough guy, and this fight has 3 rounds written all over it.  Fighting at 205 lbs, Silva only has 3 rounds to get thru.

Bonnar has been three rounds with Jon ‘Bones’ Jones and Forrest Griffin, and he is very hard to take out.  If he gets a full throttle Anderson Silva, he will get KO’d, as he doesnt have the takedowns to get Silva to the floor, and even if Bonnar does get it to the ground is an open question who has more usable Jiu Jitsu.  I’m betting Silva’s JJ is better.

What makes me think this has three rounds, going the distance, is Silva’s lack of killer instinct at times in his career (against Brazilians, but in this case, against a guy he respects).

Bonnar has done a great job with his name recognition, and he is a good fighter, but he really has nothing in his arsenal that can take Silva out unless a colossal epsiode of bad luck befalls Silva.  Bonnar is in this fight brecause he really can’t win.

So put the fight in a parlay, or bet that it goes the distance.

Will Silva show the killer instinct necessary, or are we going to see more toying and more thigh punches out of the champion?  Dana White better be paying attention, because despite the company’s need for a main event in Brazil, matchmaking based on name recognition and not on competition could be detrimental in the long run.

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