STRIKEFORCE – A Look Back At This Weekend’s Heavyweight War!

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Daniel Cormier won the STRIKEFORCE Heavyweight Tournament with a convincing win over Josh Barnett.

After waiting more than a year to get to the finals, Heavyweight warriors Daniel Cormier and Josh Barnett finally squared off this past Saturday in the finals of a Heavyweight tournament aired on SHOWTIME.  Cormier was crisper and simply outclassed Barnett athletically, getting off first throughout the long five round fight.  He bloodied Barnett early, and kept the pressure on throughout in winning every round on two of the judges scorecards.   So what is next for Cormier, and the STRIKEFORCE Heavyweight division?

The word is that parent company ZUFFA has decided to keep the winner under the STRIKEFORCE brand in order to finish the SHOWTIME contract.  This would give them Cormier to main event another STRIKEFORCE event aired on the cable channel, and then they can comfortably bring him to the UFC next year.

But not so fast.  Cormier has apparently broken his left hand yet again, making three breaks in the last year.  Cormier is reported to be considering surgery to repair the hand and fix what is becoming a recurring problem.  This leaves STRIKEFORCE once again looking for a main event to offer SHOWTIME, as Cormier going under the knife would almost automatically rule him out of fighting for the rest of the year.

Now that Cormier has dismantled another top tier heavyweight and people are thinking more and more that he is the real deal, what does STRIKEFORCE actually have for him?  Their heavyweight roster is non-existent so it is unclear who they intend to put him against should he be able to fight before the end of the year.  It is literally so bad, that only names like Bob Sapp come to mind as opponents.

Here is what they should do, since it is clear that ZUFFA doesn’t care anymore.  Bring back Scott Ferrozo to fight him, but make them have a pie eating contest before the fight.  Though Cormier is a stud, he wont be confused for a body builder, and my money is on him winning the pie eating contest and the match, but man it might make for great television.

As for Barnett, we are unlikely to see him in the UFC, though anything is possible.  He has not fought for the UFC in about 10 years, he has tested positive 3x for steroids and is notoriously churlish in negotiations, all things which are likely to see ZUFFA pass on Barnett.



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