Strikeforce Betting – Roger Bowling vs Bobby Voelker III

Roger Bowlings’ only defeat came from the vicious hands of Bobby “Vicious” Voelker. This is the third time they will bump fist in the cage and both have scored one win in their previous battles against each other. But to be fair, Roger does not have a “real win” over Voelker as that win was a technical decision due to Voelker poking Bowling in the eye and he was unable to continue. Let’s take a look at their last match and break it down:

In their last scuffle that took place October 22, 2010, Bowling demonstrated nice inside legs kicks, body kicks and a powerful left hook that seems to be his go to weapon of choice. Bobby on the other hand defended more than attacked and definitely looked like the slower fighter out of the two.

While Bowling was the one pushing forward being the aggressor and speeding up the pace of the fight, he left himself open when attempting lunging attacks. He leaves himself open for a lot of counter attacks. Bobby’s weakness is against wrestling takedowns, he also does not cover himself up efficiently as he was eating hits that were not too difficult to evade or parry.

Both fighters really need to work on their clinch going into this fight as they tied up a lot during their last fight but did not take advantage of effective dirty boxing or muay thai knees scenarios.

Although “Vicious” won in his last fight against Bowling via TKO in the 2nd round, that finish didn’t impress me as he didn’t try to pass the guard not even once as to really get into a position to rain down some heavy hits. Bobby has won 14 out of his 23 wins via KO and has won 3/5 of his last 5 fights. He is a MMA veteran of 32 years old who’s been fighting since 2006 and has 23 wins, 7 losses.

Roger Bowling is the younger at 29 years and is a bit newer to the game with a 9-1 record; he has been fighting since 2007. His game plan coming into this fight will most likely be to control the fight with his wrestling and get actual takedowns that put him into a position to deal some damage. He will be coming in with combination attacks this time instead of single strikes.

The Strikeforce Betting Odds at BetDSI on this match is as follows:


Strikeforce Betting Pick: I have to say I disagree with the MMA Oddsmakers on this one. I see Bobby winning again, especially since Bowling does not have a “real win” over him. Bowling controlled the pace and won the first round but left himself open too much, didn’t deal enough damage and didn’t do anything with his semi-successful takedowns.

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