STRIKEFORCE: Daniel Cormier Gets Frank Mir, Not Tim Sylvia!

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Former UFC Champion Frank Mir heads to STRIKEFORCE with a tall order - make a fight out of it with Daniel Cormier.

Earlier in the month, it was beginning to look like STRIKEFORCE was going to recycle washed up former UFC Champion Tim Sylvia to take on their heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier on their October 27th event.  Now there is word that an agreement has been reached to bring in long time UFC star Frank Mir to take on Cormier.  Mir may have only a slightly better chance at beating Cormier than Sylvia, but at least his last fight was for the UFC Championship, whereas Sylvia was last seen fighting at a McDonald’s with the entire staff, claiming to have been shortchanged on the number of chicken nuggets in his order.

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The odds are not up at the sportsbooks yet, but I suspect that Mir is going to be a longshot when the lines are published.  Mir didn’t get a lot of respect at the books in his last outing against UFC Champion Junior Dos Santos, and Cormier shares some of the same qualities as Dos Santos that make this a bad matchup for Mir.

Cormier is short and fast, similar to Dos Santos, and he hits with KO power.  Mir, as he has put on weight, has become slower and slower, and Cormier is going to exploit that.

Mir is not going to be able to get the takedown, like with Dos Santos.  And in a grinding all out war of attrition, Cormier comes with a ‘toughness’ that is off the charts, as his years of international competition have him battle tested.

Mir will always have that open question – when the going gets tough and gritty, does he have the heart to respond?  Can Mir fight back from being behind in a fight?

The common thinking among most close observers lately has been no, that Mir lacks the gameness or intestinal fortitude to grind out a hard fight.

Mir’s best chance is to lean himself out to about 240 lbs and I don’t see that happening, as he was in the 260′s for this last outing with Dos Santos.

Kudos to SF and the UFC.  The Tim Sylvia talk was certainly gaining both  groups heavy criticism.  The match with Mir is perhaps only a bit more competitive if all goes according to how it should. but it is much more palatable for the fans.


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