Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament Final Betting Picks: Josh Barnett vs Daniel Cormier

Strikeforce 40 will host two great “finals.” One being the highly anticipated Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Final: Josh Barnett vs Daniel Cormier and the second being a rubber match: Gilbert Melendez  vs Josh Thomson. Don’t miss out on all the action taking place at 10PM ET/PT this Saturday, May 19th from the sold out HP Pavilion arena.

The main event, Josh Barnett (31-5) and Daniel Cormier (9-0), is going to be a real thriller. In Barnett you have an average striker, great wrestler and an expert submission artist. In the other corner you’ve got Cormier, a world class wrestler and heavy hitter. As Cormier is the better boxer, he should have the advantage standing up. But on the ground, Barnett has the very clear advantage. He has 17 wins via submission while Cormier has 3 wins by submission.

Let’s check out the BetDSI UFC betting odds on this match:


Barnett is the slight favorite as he is the well rounded fighter and is a MMA veteran. He has also fought and prevailed against better/heavier hitters multiple times in his career. This doesn’t mean that you should totally count out Cormier.  Daniel has never been taken down in any of his 6 Strikeforce events. Although so we haven’t seen recent footage of how well he fights off his back we do know that he can stuff take downs very well. If he could keep the fight standing he has a great shot at winning, which is why the MMA betting odds are almost even.

Strikeforce 40 Betting Pick:  I have to go with Josh Barnett on this one and not just because of his vast MMA experience and excellent submission skills. Barnett also posses KO capabilities and has 9 KO wins as proof. He can be a sly, crafty slugger when he wants to be and I have a feeling he will use this to distract or injure his opponent enough to sneak in 1-2 takedowns to help him get a win.

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