STRIKEFORCE in August: Ronda Rousey Versus Sara Kaufman Headlines!

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Ronda Rousey has been shaking up the status quo in women's MMA since her arrival.

STRIKEFORCE hits San Diego, California this August 18th with a card headlined by their women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey taking on Sara Kaufman.  Rousey is a 5 to 1 favorite or thereabouts at the sportsbooks, and has undeniable crossover hype and appeal going.  She made news by appearing in ESPN’s ‘The Body’ issue, which is only gonna make the angst between her and the rest of the female MMA world a little bit deeper.

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Kaufman is an excellent and experienced competitor, having compiled a very impressive 15-1 record heading into her title shot.  Kaufman has paid her dues in the small world of women’s MMA, fighting on the undercards of small shows around Canada and the USA, waiting for a shot.

And their is the perception among the competitors that Rousey has not paid her MMA dues, and theat she is doing the sport harm with her racy picture collage in the ESPN magazine.

But the truth is that Rousey has paid a lot of competition dues, and she is astute to recognize this may be her time.  Excuse her if she is not worried about pissing anyone in the establishment off.

Rousey may be the crossover star, head and shoulders above the competition, and she may just deserve the spoils of war.  If she beats Kaufman as handily as she has dispatched her opposition she is on her way.

Marloes Coenen?  She is a good fighter, she may have a few tricks up her sleeve for Rousey, but it is unlikely.  Probably the only person who could challenge Rousey is Cyborg Santos, the Brazilian banned for steroids.

The point is, the time for resentment is over.  Someone needs to step up and beat Rousey, and Rousey doubts it can be done.  And hey, if Playboy or ESPN calls for a photo shoot, you can always turn it down.  It is better to have the phone ringing, to have the choice….

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