STRIKEFORCE – January 7th Show Announced!

STRIKEFORCE continues it’s inevitable death shuffle towards a UFC takeover, as they announced the followup to their December 17th ‘Masvidal vs Melendez‘ event.   On January 7th, STRIKEFORCE heads to the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, Nevada with an event headlined by Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold‘s first title defense against Keith Jardine.  Also rumored to be on the card is Muhammad Lawal, who is coming off a devastation of Roger Gracie in his last outing.

Let me be the first to say that in these current, trying economic times, a week after Christmas and New Years may see most people cash poor.   In other words, after the holidays we are all going to be broke! So the date itself, January 7th, is a bad idea.

Giving the card what amounts to roughly a month of promotion is also folly.   The show was announced amid the fanfare of the UFC’s barrage of announcements and their ‘TUF 14 Finale’ live event.  The Joint, the venue in the Hard Rock Cafe, seats roughly 4000 people, and the show will be aired on SHOWTIME.

Rockhold was impressive in his winning the belt from Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ and King Mo is a talent I want to see.  But the most irritating thing about the STRIKEFORCE announcement is the lack of details and information at all about other pending matters.

The overwhelming question, and I’ve been raving about it on here for a while now, is when will this painfully drawn out Heavyweight Tournament that is headlined by Josh Barnett and Daniel Cormier come to an end?   I could care less to see Luke Rockhold again right now, I want to see Barnett and Cormier.   Lawal is a superior talent, the UFC should snap him up right away.

And finally, Keith Jardine?  This is an awful matchup, one that I think will see the title change hands.   Rockhold is still early on in his career, and still has a lot to learn.  Jardine is the opposite, in that he is highly experienced and has seen just about everything in MMA competition.

Jardine has been KO’d so Luke could catch him on the chin, especially if Jardine comes in unmotivated or unprepared.  But I don’t think that will be the case.

Jardine had his moments in the UFC, and he has seen his ups and downs since being released by Zuffa.  He is 0-1-1 in Strikeforce, and 2-0 on smaller shows.  One of those fights, Jardine remains unpaid for.

Jardine has to see STRIKEFORCE as a show that will bring him back to the higher levels.  It has been a year and a half since he fought in the UFC, he has to realize that it isn’t that easy to get back to the top.

SO STRIKEFORCE’s comedy of errors continued – a weak show, on a poor date featuring bad matchmaking and showing no direction.  Please can’t the UFC just formally absorb this mess!

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