Strikeforce Resigns Cyborg Santos….

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Cyborg could knock out a mule!

OK so today Strikeforce announced that they resigned 145 lb women’s champion Cyborg Santos.  It is still a little unclear what the future holds for women’s MMA, but this can only really be seen as a good sign.

The management at ZUFFA has always taken a cautious approach when revamping things, like when they shut down the 155 lb weight class, and the methodical approach they took to absorbing the WEC’s smaller weight classes.

There is also the recent word that the UFC will be implementing a 125 lb men’s weight division early next year, something that can only be called a clinical and cautious approach as well.

Let’s hope that ZUFFA and Dana White do not take the same methodology whwn it comes to bringing us women’s MMA.  Let’s fast track this puppy, boys!

I mean, the main thing is that women’s fighting has a tight knit core of FANTASTIC fighters, and the UFC has no need to wait for them to develop.  In fact, waiting would really pass some of the sport’s top women fighters by, and we would either not see them or we would see them past their prime.  The time is now, and there is room for 4 weight divisions, 115, 125, 135 and 145 lbs.

Most smaller promoters that host women’s MMA, and even Strikeforce as the biggest promotion running women’s MMA will all tell you that the women have been responsible for stand out fights for years.  In fact, women’s fights are usually the fights of the night.  It is a bit like the WNBA, in that the women are fundementally sound in the sport, with a little less KO power but more technique and flexibility.

Cyborg Santos, Tara LaRosa, Gina Carano, Megumi Fujii.   They are all at or near their prime, and the UFC really runs the risk of missing out on some great matches if they do not move quickly on the women’s division.

So hopefully the signing of Cyborg Santos is a a sign that the women’s division will get a different, fast track treatment by ZUFFA than what they usually do when they are developing a division.   The women and the fans deserve it!


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