Strikeforce: Rockhold vs Jardine – 2 Easy Picks to Take to the Bank

Strikeforce Rockhold vs Jardine betting

The Strikeforce: Rockhold vs Jardine card is a smorgasbord of potential MMA superstars.  The main card features 2 undefeated fighters and 3 fighters with only one loss on their record. Today I am going to breakdown two of the fights on the main card that features the 2 undefeated fighters.

Light Heavyweight bout: Muhammed Lawal -455 vs Lorenz Larkin +305

Lorenz Larkin boasts a 12-0 record, when you compare that to Muhammed Lawal’s 8-1 record you might think that he should be the betting favorite. Wrong! Although since debating in 2009 he has fought 7 times in 2010 and 4 times in 2011, he hasn’t been tested against a big name yet. This will be without question the biggest fight so far in his career.

Muhammed aka “King Mo,” is known internationally and is knocking on the doors outside of the top ten Light heavyweight rankings. In his short time since debating in 2008 he has pocketed wins over big names such as Gegard Mousasi and Roger Gracie. Lorenz Larkin is very athletic and posses a mean overhand right and devastating leg kicks, but he hesitates too much and allows his opponents to control the center of the cage. King Mo is very aggressive and knows how to finish fights, I see him winning within the first 2 rounds of this fight without too much opposition as he is the better fighters wherever the fight goes.

Welterweight bout: Tyron Woodley -345 vs Jordan Mein +275

Here’s another easy pick. Tyron Woodley has a 9-0 record and he will stay undefeated until Strikeforce matches him with bigger names. Tyron’s last victory was over Paul Daley July of 2011 while Jordan Mein scored a win over well known Evangelista Santos September, 2011. Woodley is like a mix of Rashad Evans and King Mo, but in a smaller package. He’s an outstanding wrestler who mixes up combinations nicely.

Jordan, at just 21 years old, has 30 fights already under his belt, but the way he fights makes you think he’s knew to the game. He doesn’t mix up his strategy well enough and doesn’t attack in combinations often enough. He lacks the confidence and skills that 29 year old Tyron Woodley possesses. I have to give this fight to Woodley as Mein just doesn’t have anything new to bring to the table that Tyron can’t bite down on.

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