Super Bowl Betting: 4 Best Broncos Props

The assumption is that if you like the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl to cover the spread, you probably think their offense will carry the load and the game will be high-scoring.

We’ve sifted through a ton of DSI’s Super Bowl betting props to find the four best Broncos ones we like:

1. Denver Wins First Half And Wins The Game

You can pretty much “pick your proposition” for Super Bowl week. One offering can be found in the form of a game-flow-based prop in which you try to determine how each half will run its course. More precisely, you need to guess which team will lead at the end of the half. It’s fairly logical to arrive at the view that Denver will lead at the close of each half, because the Broncos are the favorite in this game. Denver might be subjected to cold weather… but that really isn’t a problem for a team that plays many cold-weather games in November, December and January. This team will be hampered by weather only if there’s a whipping and noticeably strong wind. Without wind, Denver should be able to dictate how this game goes – the Broncos ought to be able to back up this proposition.

2. Denver Wins Or Ties 2 Or More Quarters

On the latest Super Sunday, the betting proposition with a lot of potential value is one that deals with quarter-by-quarter results. A word of caution is that if a team doesn’t match the specific parameters or descriptions set forth, you will lose. You could wager that Seattle will win three or more quarters, but you can also make a bet that Denver will win or tie at least two quarters on Sunday night in New Jersey. You’re going to have to bet more money up front in order to win more money, but that feels like a strong bet regardless. The Broncos looked like a better team than the Seahawks in the conference championship round on Jan. 19. Their offense is far better than Seattle’s, but their defense is the under-appreciated unit, the group that will probably make a difference.

3. Denver Forces First Turnover

This is a game in which the importance of turnovers should be magnified. Technically, the betting proposition you see on the board might say “Seattle commits first turnover,” but that can very easily be a reflection of what you think about the quality and strength of Denver’s defense. The Broncos’ defense is more likely to make the first big play of the game, because Seattle’s offense is so much weaker than Denver’s offense.

As for the other side of this particular equation, you have to pay attention to this fact: While Denver’s running backs were fumble-prone during the regular season, they didn’t fumble in the playoffs against San Diego and New England. The Broncos are just not the better candidate for an early turnover; the Seahawks will probably give up the ball first.

4. The First Score Will Be A Denver Field Goal

Both teams will likely require time to settle their nerves and get their teeth into this game. Moreover, the two defenses are very strong. A field goal stands out as the most probable first score of this game – it’s not a shoo-in, but it is more of a good bet than a touchdown. Denver will probably have more early success moving the ball, so a Denver field goal being the first score is a solid bet to make if you like any of the “first score of the game” propositions that are up for grabs. Consider this, too: A touchdown in the first minutes of this game might mean that the defenses on these teams will slip up. Yet, do you think that a cornerback in this game will get embarrassed by a wide receiver, at least in the early going? The wiser instinct is to say “no” to that question.

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