Super Bowl Betting: 4 Best Seahawks Props

Super Bowl 48 is right around the corner. As you well know, the sports betting menu at DSI is stuffed with a cornucopia of props. We’ve sifted through the list and here are the four best Seattle Seahawks props:

1. Marshawn Lynch For Super Bowl MVP

Football is a quarterback’s game, and so it’s natural that Russell Wilson is the leading choice for Seattle to be the MVP of this event, but it has to be said that if you want value in a Seattle prop, getting Marshawn Lynch as the MVP is a good play. Wilson has been noticeably inconsistent in recent weeks that Lynch is just as good an MVP candidate in a larger context. Realize that if the Seahawks create any regular flow in their running attack, they’re going to continue to feed Lynch the pigskin, not only for purposes of wearing down Denver’s defensive front, but also to achieve the bigger objective of milking a lot of time and preventing Denver’s record-setting offense from getting on the field. Lynch could easily become the most important offensive player for Seattle if the Seahawks do win the championship. He’s the man to pick for the MVP award if you think Seattle will triumph.

2. The Coin Toss (Seahawks Will Choose)

In this circumstance, it might be instinctive to go, “So what?”, but the Seahawks – as the designated visiting team for Sunday’s showdown – will be left with the choice on the coin toss. There is a betting prop for this, if you didn’t know (heads or tails), and there is a betting proposition on whether the team that wins the coin toss will ultimately walk off with the Lombardi Trophy. The Seahawks make the call – you have a 50 percent chance of winning. You could get worse odds on a lot of propositions for this game, including and especially the ones that focus on Seattle in Sunday’s NFL finale.

3. Fumbles Lost By The Seahawks: Over-Under Of 1.5 Fumbles

The Seahawks might have a hard time outscoring Denver over four quarters, but it’s likely the case because Seattle is probably going to have a hard time throwing the ball, not because the Seahawks will be smothered in terms of the running game. Russell Wilson the passer is shaky right now, even though he and Lynch did have some miscommunication problems against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game. If Seattle’s offense implodes here, it will be due to interceptions rather than fumbles, so go with the under 1.5 fumbles in this football betting proposition.

4. Over/Under For Seattle Field Goals: 1.5 Field Goals

This is a game in which the Seahawks know they have to win with their defense, so if you had to make a betting decision on the flow of this game, you should not be too surprised if Seattle wins despite kicking multiple field goals. The Seahawks have bogged down a lot in the red zone this season, especially in recent weeks. Seattle couldn’t even score a touchdown against San Francisco in the NFC Championship Game when it started a drive at the 49ers’ six-yard line. Seattle’s identity is to kick at least two field goals per game. It would be a surprise if the Seahawks kicked only one field goal all night in New Jersey. That would be an unexpected development.

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