Super Bowl Betting: Baltimore Ravens Props

One of the best things about Super Bowl betting is the number of props you can find at DSI. The sportsbook odds makers have been working overtime to put as many up as possible and today we’ll focus on the Baltimore Ravens side of things.

It should be no surprise that Joe Flacco is at the center of the betting lines you’ll find for the Ravens. You can bet on such props as his first pass will be a completion, incompletion or an interception:

Joe Flacco First Pass Of The Game Will Be?

Completion -180

Incompletion +150

Interception +1500

The Ravens appear to be a very hot and cold offense. They’ll go three-and-out for four or five drives and then put something nice together. Flacco doesn’t complete as many passes as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, and while Flacco’s quarterback rating leads all playoff quarterbacks, keep in mind that he finished 19th in the NFL in completion percentage among starting QB’s. There’s good value with “incompletion” here.

Other Ravens players will be in play as well on Super Bowl Sunday for props such as their receivers Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith, as well as Ray Rice. You can bet on Boldin at +250 to make the first reception of the game while Rice pays +300 and Smith pays +230 for the same prop. If you think any of them will score the first touchdown, you can get Boldin at +1000, Smith at +800 and Rice at +450.

A number of people have the opinion that this game could start very slowly on offense. Both teams have good defenses and both head coaches know each other very well. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we saw both teams play conservatively to begin with and then open things up in the second half. There is the prop regarding whether the Ravens will score a touchdown in the first quarter and it might have some value:

Will the Baltimore Ravens score a touchdown in the first quarter?

Yes +130

No -160

‘No’ looks like the play here – especially when you consider that the Ravens didn’t score a touchdown in the entire first half of the AFC Championship Game.

Also, along the same lines is this prop:

What will happen first with Baltimore in the game?

Baltimore Score First In Game +140

Baltimore Punt First In Game -170

Bettors should like a punt as the play here as the Ravens offense – as mentioned above – tends to need some time to get going. The Ravens haven’t scored on their first drive in any of their three playoff games this year and now they’re facing the toughest defense they’ve seen yet. It makes sense to bet on the punt here as the history doesn’t support a score happening first.

There are a slew of props to check out for Super Bowl betting at DSI, so make sure you keep checking in at the sportsbook to see all of the updated lines throughout the week.

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