SUPERBOWL PICK – GIANTS or NEW ENGLAND – Dynasties in the Balance!

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Eli Manning goes for his second Super Bowl ring this weekend, as he looks to eclipse his brother's championship total.

Well, the biggest moment on the yearly sports calendar is less than a week away when Indianapolis, Indiana plays host to Super Bowl 46.  It is a rematch of Super Bowl 42, where the underdog New York Giants took out the heavily favored New England Patriots .  Well the Giants are hoping to do it again, as the Pats once again enter the game heavily favored!  Nothing less than the first legacies of the 21st century hang in the balance!

How good are the Patriots?  Well their legacy is already set, as quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichik have the multiple rings already.  But it has been 4 years since they have been to the Super Bowl, and perhaps more importantly, they haven’t won it all since 2005.  The Patriots want to re-light that dynastic fire, and beating the Giants will be extra good.

Like it or not, people are asking the question – can Eli be better than Peyton?  This will be Eli’s second Super Bowl, and he already did the improbable by taking out the Patriots in 2008.  If he can do it again, a dynasty might be born in New York, and Eli would have double the Super Bowl rings of his big brother.

Yes the Giants finished the regular season 9-7 and they gave up more points than they scored, but those three playoff games were tough tests that saw the Giants play very well.  Eli is leading an offense that has looked dangerous at times in the playoffs.  They are probably going to have to put up a lot of points to keep up with the high powered Patriot offense.

Don’t be surprised if the Patriots come out fast and try to take the Giants out of the game early.  Obviously slowing the pace down, and keeping Brady off the field would both favor the Giants in a close game.  Look for the Patriots to go for the kill if they get ahead early.  If the Giants fall behind by two or three touchdowns, it may be a sign that the Giants are in for a long day.

But Manning was very close to hitting the 5000 yard mark himself, and if he can keep his team close going into the fourth quarter, they have a chance.

So which team will the fates smile upon come Sunday?  The Patriots have been a juggernaut this year, with Brady possibly playing better than he ever has.   The Patriots are already a dynasty, but they must be hungry after not winning one in seven years.  Or will the Giants earn the favor of the fates and be on their way to a Manning dynasty of their own?


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