Systems and Trends for Betting Bowl Games

There are some very interesting systems and trends to consider when you are betting bowl games at the sportsbook. Some systems have had a lot of success in college football and are worth a look over the next month. Here are a few systems and trends to consider as you bet bowl games in December and January.

NCAA Football Bowl Betting Games

Big Underdogs in College Football Betting Bowl Games

The first system for bowl games looks at underdogs that are getting a touchdown or more.  Since 1983, this college football betting system has hit about 67%.  The teams that qualify this year are Louisiana Tech, Arizona State, Washington, Iowa, Northwestern and Kansas State. Another system involves looking at the popular Sagarin ratings and the strength of schedule. You simply take underdogs who are rated higher in the Sagarin ratings in regards to strength of schedule. This system has won about two out of every three games since 1997.


If you want betting bowl games system for January then you may want to bet the totals.  Play the under of any bowl game in January where one team is favored by a field goal or more if that total is 50 or higher. This system has hit about 67% since 1995. This season you would play Penn State and Houston under, Wisconsin and Oregon under, Stanford and Oklahoma State under, West Virginia and Clemson under and Kansas State and Arkansas under.

Simple System

If you really want to keep it simple with your bowl system then just take the points in every game on the board at the sportsbook. Underdogs are hitting about 57% against the spread since 1997.

Systems for college bowl games are always changing. What worked last year may not work this year.  You always have to be on top of the information.  College football is constantly changing so you really need to be aware of systems and how they change from year to year.  There are more bowl games on the schedule than there were a decade ago which gives you a lot of chances to use systems and trends. The first bowl game on the board is set for Saturday, December 17th while the final bowl game is the BCS title game on Monday, January 9th.

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