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Welcome to our new video segment featuring “Barstool Local” Randy Mann. Each week our host Randy will focus on the finer things in life that sports enthusiasts care about most: great sports info, good liquor, beautiful women, and an honest bet.

While Randy is neither sharp nor square, he will walk us through the myriad of sports, teams, stats, odds, and other un-navigated waters to provide us with some possibly valuable betting insights; or at a minimum some testosterone inspired entertainment.

In this week’s opening segment Randy Mann breaks down Texas A&M’s Odds to win the 2013 BCS Title. With all of the hype focused on A&M’s star quarterback Johnny “Football” Manziel, A&M seemed like a perfect starting point to what should be an entertaining look at the upcoming NCAA Football season. From a betting perspective the Manziel fueled Aggies look to be a popular NCAA football betting option this season. The current question mark on the brightest star in Texas Football has everything to do with his performance off the field. Can the limelight be blinding Johnny Football? Let’s give Randy the Pulpit to get you up to speed on Texas A&M odds and betting information and of course on the latest Johnny Football happenings.

Show Transcript:

Welcome to Barstool Blathering – where we spin the threads of sport and wit into finely woven patterns of the triumphant & the conquered, gloriously presenting the weekly fabric of the sporting world.

I’m your host and barstool savant – Randy Mann

—Let’s talk some college Football!


It’s that time of year again—May the Pigskins Fly!

As we consider College Football’s favorite teams of 2013, what do you think handicappers and the paparazzi had most in common this past offseason?

One name—

One Hero–

Johnny Football!



Oddsmakers, Bookmakers, and Pontificators alike have slotted futures picks on Texas A&M and their now famous quarterback, Johnny Manziel, as a Top 5 Caliber team— Some even predicting an SEC Title.

Why is that? Cause The Aggies Captain is Johnny Football—that is why.

Let’s face it—Johnny Football is exciting.  He’s fun to watch.

He is college football’s main character. He is our Hero.

Do we root for him? Or Do we root against him?

Regardless, It’s gonna be fun to watch how this all plays out!



In 2012, Johnny Manziel—was Freshman of the Year.

Not only For the Aggies- but For College Football in general.

To put things into a rapid perspective— a rapid boil…

Last year, The kid strolled in to Tuscaloosa as a freshman and beat up #1 Alabama— arguably the most powerful collegiate team this millennium.

This was his First year in college mind you—The Aggies first year in the most powerful conference in college football, the SEC.

To end his phenomenal season, Manziel Wins the Cotton Bowl- plus Tons of awards including The Davey O’Brien quarterback award.

And to cap it all off, He’s the first freshman ever to win the prestigious Heisman Trophy.

He’s barely removed a teen remind you.

Johnny Football, in essence, has taken us ALL back to school.

I mean, I wanna play football with this guy. And, I want to party with him after the games.

He’s Johnny Football for crying out loud.



So, What if 2013 read like this….

Now presenting your 2013 BCS Champions – The Aggies of Texas A&M—

Lead by Hero Footballer Johnny Manziel—

They call him…

Johnny Football.



Okay okay, let’s not jump too far ahead….

Let’s tell it like it is.

As exciting as he is to watch on the field—He has become equally exciting to watch off the field.

Making storylines or story-tweets, partying on bourbon st., oversleeping as college kids do…

Hanging with Lebron, clubbing with Rick Ross, and other hipsters—as most college kids DON’T DO.

He is not your typical college athlete.

He IS an ESPY.

Johnny Football is popular.

If they had proms at Texas A&M—He would most certainly be The Prom King.

But they don’t and I won’ts, so let’s move on to what matters most.



In his first year, Manziel and Texas A&M went 8-5 against the spread —If you were on them, you made some money.

So, how will they fair this year? Too hyped? Are expectations way too high for them? How will this year’s numbers adjust? Rice & Sam Houston first two games…? Inflated point spread? We’ll see….

Some Oddsmakers had The Aggies at 15/1 to win the BCS when it opened last February—moving them upward 4/1 in recent weeks at BetDSI.com.

But, as handicappers speculate on the upcoming season—they are considering the loss of the Aggies  front seven on defense. They are considering the amount of returning starters they have– the fewest total in the SEC.

They are also considering Johnny Football—and whether or not he can he live up to last season’s accomplishments.

Can he post Heisman like numbers?  Can he get some help with a deep running back squad? Can he stay in the pocket? Can he beat Alabama 3 weeks into the season? Can he go into Death Valley and conquer LSU?

Most importantly, can he remain focused on gamedays as an uber-famous college kid with all the world watching?



Let’s face it– ALL teams have their offseason encounters that may alter their outlook for the season. Alabama – Oregon – Ohio State along with Texas A&M are favorites to compete for the BCS Title this year. Oddsmakers have to weigh in on the unexpected… the injuries, arrests, violations, and so forth… And in The Aggies case— how will Johnny Football’s social stardom play into his performance—their performance.

It’s a lot to consider.

He’s a Helluva quarterback,…but can he handle the pressure of the limelight this year the same way he proved he could handle the pressure in Tuscaloosa last year, especially with all of the offseason hoopla surrounding him and his now famed throwing & tweeting arm.

The Kid performed well at SEC Media Day, however – as pundits fired question after question regarding off the field shenanigans. He answered all the questions head on, including his abrupt departure from the Manning Camp days before.

With all eyes watching him, he described all the attention he’s been getting by relating his to what Justin Bieber must feel like.



Now, I’m actually a fan of Johnny Football. I hope he slays it this year and wins the SEC, BCS and maybe even another Heisman.

But really, Johnny….

Justin Bieber?

Wasn’t there a better comparison out there? Perhaps, another famed athlete you could have chosen to describe all the attention you’re getting…instead of a pop phenom that spins teeny boppers heads?

I mean, afterall… You are Johnny Football. …

C’mon! Justin Bieber, really?

He’s Canadian—he doesn’t care about football!

Ya kind of flipped my wig with your choice of metaphor there pal…

You could have used Tim Tebow or Tom Brady or any other famous athlete for that matter.

But, Justin Bieber— Teeny Bopper?

No—liking yourself to teenage popstars may turn off football fans, at least those carrying a sack, and further makes them a critic of yours.

I mean HELL, if you’re gonna use a pop-star… use someone tough like maybe Kanye West or someone like that…

Wait— NO!!! Don’t use Kanye–

That would only make you a total asshole.

Okay Okay, I digress ….

For if I continue, it would only make me participate in the off-the-field criticisms of you. And, I am a Johnny Football Fanatic!

We know you’re just a 20 year old college kid wanting to play some ball and have some fun. Live it up young man. Live it up!

That goes for you too Justin Bieber! Live it up!


Funny thing is, When I first heard of Johnny Football a year ago… I thought of my two favorite quarterbacks, The Johnny U’s– Johnny Unitas…. & Johnny Utah of course.

The former I never saw play, but he was my father’s favorite and he swears he’s still the best to ever play.

And the latter, well… I’ve only seen play on the beach at Point Break with Bodie and a bunch of other surfers & bank robbing hooligans…

“ Two Utah—Gimme Two!”

But, Johnny Manziel has now stolen the stage.

For He is … Johnny Football!



Along with his amazing 2012 season, and his newly-found fame, the youngster has probably at worst acted his age along the way— reflecting poorly on him, Texas A&M, and their upcoming season.

The question is how will all this reflect for the highly ranked Aggies and their quest to compete in the SEC West.

They’ve lost a core of their defensive squad—did they fill the void? Is all the hype too much for these youngsters—or are we going to see them all step up? Because let’s face it—Johnny Football can’t do it alone.

It is definitely a lot to consider when looking at the upcoming season for Texas A&M.

They’re forseeable future is about as unpredictable as Lady Gaga’s next wardrobe change.

But I’m a Belieber.

Did I really just say I am a Belieber— Dammit Johnny, that is your fault.

I believe in you Johnny Football!



Am certain Coach Sumlin will have Manziel and his teammates focused and ready.

And, He’d better—cause Alabama & The Crimson Tide will be Rolling into College Station on September 14th

The 3rd week of the season and we’ve got Main Stage for college football’s great sequel featuring Hero & Villain against arch nemesis of the SEC—

Johnny Football vs The Crimson Tide II



That’s all for now. Thanks for tuning in….

Til’ the next time, I remain…..

Blathering from the Barstool,



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