According to Men’s Health Magazine the sexiest Olympians of London 2012 are the next  highly qualified ladies who are really really ridiculously good looking people:

Starting with SOCCER PLAYER – Alex MorganTHE 12 SEXIEST OLYMPIC WOMENThe 5’7″ 23 year old Californian beauty attributes her success to her dedication. “It’s easy to push yourself when people are watching, but hard to put in the work when nobody’s there.”

TRACK STAR – Lolo JonesThe 5’9 29 year old American athlete is not only strong but also wise: “When you get injured, it’s usually because your body is fatigued and you’re pushing it to the max, rest is just as important as working hard—you need a good balance of both.”

VOLLEYBALL – Kim GlassThis  26 year old rocking body athlete is an Olympic silver medal winner. With Kim, the American indoor volleyball team is guaranteed to have you cheering for team USA.

SOCCER PLAYER – Heather MittsThe gorgeous 33 years old soccer player leads the defense for the American team. This Olympic veteran owns two gold medals.

TRACK STAR – Allyson FelixA two-time Olympic silver medalist, the 5’6″ 26 year old Californian is an athlete and a sports fan: “I really enjoy watching basketball and football.  I’m just a big sports fan.  I really admire athletes and their work ethic.”

GYMNAST – Nastia LuikinOne of the most successful American gymnasts ever, the 22 year old athlete loves to train: “I also run six times a week—about 3 miles each time, running keeps me strong.” And we have to add, SEXY!

ROWING – Susan FranciaThe 6’2″ 29 year old helped her teammates win the rowing gold in Beijing: “I think of things that make me angry, and that makes me tougher, if I feel dead at the end of a race, then I know there’s nothing more I could’ve done.”

SWIMMER – Kim Vandenberg

The 28 year old Californian bronze medalist, is one of the fastest butterfly swimmers in the world; but keeps her feet on the ground:  “Be humble and humorous, together, those two qualities show a man’s true character.”

SWIMMER – Amanda Beard

The former swimming world record holder has seven Olympic medals; she is a model from Newport Beach that makes the USA very proud, and very hot!

SWIMMER – Jessica HardyThe 24 year old world record holder in the 50-meter breaststroke is a Long Beach Californian who gives you this workout advise: “Keep in mind that women are sometimes even more competitive than men, you already know that we like to get our way—that carries over into the gym, too.”

SOCCER PLAYER – Hope SoloThe 30 year old goal keeper for the American women’s soccer team is a talented and extremely hot athlete from Washington. She is performing in her second Olympic games.

GYMNAST – Alicia SacramoneThe 24 year old gimnast from massachussets was a Silver Medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Gold Medalist at the 2010 World Championship.

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