The Great Tony Romo Debate

The Great Tony Romo Debate

In this article we are going to look over whether the most scrutinized starting quarterback in the NFL is worthy of such backlash after every poor performance. I will also make my own case as to why I believe he is not only one of the best QB’s to ever suit up for the Dallas Cowboys, but possibly the best in my side of the great Tony Romo debate.

Dallas Cowboy fans really seem to hate one of the best QB’s they have ever had, with apparent displeasure in watching Tony Romo play for them. I say this due to the fact where Romo sits in the team record book and the success he has had despite playing on a weak almost dysfunctional team while getting bashed on consistantly and being under a microscope constantly.

Through most of this article I am going to use as a comparison to Tony Romo, three time super bowl winning and HOF QB Troy Aikman, whom most Dallas fans and most other NFL fans would cite as being the greatest QB the Dallas Cowboys have ever had (maybe old timers would state Roger Staubach).

Tony Romo as of now has one of the most impressive winning percentages as a QB in Dallas history (and modern era of the NFL) trailing just Roger Staubach and Danny White on the Cowboys record book. Romo holds by far ( and counting ) the most TD’s thrown in team history at 175 to Aikman’s 165 despite throwing the ball 1512 times less, and a much better touchdown to interception ratio (by a full percent). Romo has a higher completion percentage by more than 3 percent than all of Dallas top 10 Qb’s, has more fourth quarter come backs than Aikman and trails in game winning drives by just two (19 to Aikman’s 21) despite starting 45 less games. Tony Romo even holds the fourth best ever quarterback rating of all time just below Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young (by just .8) and Tom Brady ( by only .4 less), even above the great Peyton Manning ( However if you subtract Manning’s rookie year he would be above Romo in career QB rating).

Infact the only thing Troy Aikman holds over Tony Romo is more yards which Romo will surpass if he stays on the Cowboys, and of course the end all be all to most people who hold these kind of conversations, three super bowl rings.

Now think about this, Aikman’s stats for his era were all slightly above par despite being on a legendary team , one you could make a case is the greatest to ever grace the field. For all of Aikman’s success he never reached 3,500 yards, never surpassed 23 touchdowns in a season, and only twice had a QB rating above 90 with his career rating being at 81.6 compared to Romo’s 96.1. All this while having legendary running back Emmitt Smith running the ball keeping the defense honest, and throwing at least 30+ times a game to a great receiving corp. including Hall Of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin from behind one of the greatest offensive lines ever assembled. Heck … with the very solid defense to back up all that offensive power, I dare say that I think even Trent Dilfer could of won multiple super bowls on this incredible team Aikman excelled on.

You simply cannot rate a QB by stats alone but you most definitely cannot rate a QB by how many super bowls won alone. Aikman should have remarkably better stats than he had on such a team, and I dare say that if Tony Romo was on that legendary team they could have won even more rings in even more dominant fashion. Switch the roles and have Aikman behind the awful offensive lines Romo has had, and you have a QB that has too many concussions to even stay in the game to have any success.

Terry Bradshaw for an example, won four super bowl rings … his play was near awful all season until getting to the super bowl and his team won super bowl rings in what can only be stated as in spite of his play (as they wouldn’t of even made it there without a legendary defense to account for Bradshaw being a below average QB).

Dan Marino regarded by many as the greatest to ever play the game never won a super bowl. Would you dare to say Terry Bradshaw is a better QB than Marino for winning four times the amount of rings? An even better argument , Trent Dilfer has a super bowl ring … would you have the audacity to say he is better than Marino? Of course not ! This, is why you cannot rate a QB on super bowl rings alone.

Still not convinced ? Lets ask Troy Aikman what he thinks of this argument :

“ I think Tony is a better quarterback than I was. I know how quarterbacks are judged but as far as his play-making ability and the things that he is capable of doing, he is a far more athletic quarterback, capable of making more plays than I ever was able to. “ – Troy Aikman

Most fans especially Dallas fans would simply state that Aikman’s statement above is the reason the NFL is worried about the effects of concussions, but in my opinion it is the truth. Mark my words ungrateful Dallas fans , you will keep complaining and pushing Romo’s buttons till he ends up on another team (hopefully my Kansas City Chiefs). Where he will continue his successful career while your franchise is still in disarray due to poor management. Including terrible personnel decisions and coaching selections which can only be attributed to Jerry Jones awful decision making due to his issues with a god complex personality that prohibits him from getting a real GM.

So as always, if you have a logical argument or opinion towards my article here I would love to read it in the comments below.  I would just appreciate a more thought out argument than ” Tony Romo sucks “  as your argument.

Also, yes, I have accounted for the “ he’s not clutch” factor. Romo excels in the fourth quarter having the highest fourth quarter passer rating among active quarterbacks.  His 102.1 QB rating in the fourth quarter is more than five points higher than Aaron Rodgers of the Packers who is second on the list, Romo has been putting up impressive stats to say the least during the fourth quarter ” clutch time”.  One botched field goal hold in the playoffs does not define your whole career or make you ” terrible in clutch situations “.

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