The Three Worst Performers of the 2011 Copa America

With the Copa America wrapped up it’s time to analyze and take a good look at the players and the “stars” that never shined.

3. Carlos Tevez- Argentina

Tevez is the main striker for Manchester City but he wasn’t around in the Copa America… well to be fair he wasn’t around for the right reasons…

Carlitos never step up and actually was the only player who missed the penalty kick in the round against Uruguay.

2. Neymar – Brazil

If you are going to be the next Ronaldo you should start by playing like a superstar… otherwise stop asking Real Madrid to pay you a big check. Neymar disappointed me and let everyone know he is going to be nothing but a bust.

1. Lio Messi- Argentina

If you call yourself the best player in the world you should start winning some tournaments with your country, don’t you think?

Messi played well but he didn’t score a goal; he ended up not scoring again like in the 2010 World Cup and it seems like he can’t perform well when he doesn’t have Xavi and Iniesta by his side.

Lio will never be Diego Maradona but now we are wondering if he ever will live up to the hype and win an international tournament… I’m starting to doubt it.

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