The UFC and Fedor Emelianenko – Not Gonna Happen?

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Fedor Emelianenko understands that he must get on the UFC roster to remain relevant.

It has been a few months now since Fedor Emelianenko defeated Satoshi Ishii on New Year’s Eve in Tokyo on the event run by DREAM, so the talk about his next fight and a possible debut in the UFC is heating up.  Fedor has stated he wants to continue to fight in his native Russia, but he is also on record acknowledging the UFC as having the best fighters, and that he still wants to test himself.  Fedor, at one point considered by many the best fighter in the world, has never had a fan in Dana White, the UFC President, so the question remains as to how the negotiations will go or if they will even get started.  Dana White recently summed up his thoughts on Fedor for TMZ by saying ”Fedor sucks man, get over the Fedor thing.”

So here is my best advice for Fedor Emelianenko – retire.  Maybe go ahead and do one more fight in Russia, and then fade away.

The main thing is that after years of negotiations, UFC President Dana White now has it in his head that Fedor isn’t that good a fighter.  Sure his skills are fading a bit, but Dana must have forgotten how Fedor owned CroCop and Minotauro and other UFC favorites and former champions while he was in his prime.   Should Fedor sign with the UFC, he will probably have the hardest possible matchups, and at this point in his career it will only diminish his legacy.

Yet one look at the Ishii bout, Fedor’s last outing, and it is clear that the skills are diminishing.  The bout lasted roughly 3 minutes of mainly stand up fighting, and Fedor held off one takedown attempt to keep it up on the feet.

Fedor not only lacked his trademark aggressiveness, he appeared to breath through his mouth on several occasions throughout the fight and in fact looked out of shape.  That is not the package that one needs to bring to the UFC.

So please Fedor, heed my advice and just stay away from the UFC for now, it has no value to you and your legacy.  You should be well off, with career earnings hovering around $15 million dollars reportedly.  Additionally if you start losing in the UFC, it will give Dana more fodder for trash talking and that is the last thing we need.  Retire now, you will still have much support outside of Dana White’s circles as the greatest of all time.  Don’t ruin it.

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