‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Live on FOX Network

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Dominick Cruz - coach of season 15 on "The Ultimate FIghter' closes out his trilogy with Urijah Faber at the end.

The UFC has announced more details about their 15th season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’, their reality show series that will now be airing on FOX affiliate FX.  The first episode airs on March 9th, with 32 men fighting 16 fights to eliminate half the fighters.  The winners will move into the UFC house and the production starts.  Coaches Dominick Cruz (The UFC 135 lb titleholder) and Urijah Faber are slated to meet on July 7th at UFC 148 in Las Vegas, so expect the finals of the show on that day as well.  The catch is that the weekly eliminations will air live on the channel, but I can tell you right now that some of the sportsbooks will be posting odds on the fights, even if they are posted on the day of!  So watch the show and keep a computer handy!  If you care to join me, sign up at  http://www.betdsi.eu/?cmpid=17378!

Now on to the cast.  There really are not too many names that jump out at you, and you certainly would be hard pressed to pick a favorite.   The cast is largely anonymous, which means you are going to have to pay attention from the very first episode if your going to bet on the outcome of these fights.

The match between the coaches will be the third of the series between Cruz and Faber, with both fighters winning one each so far.  Both men have a resume full of high octaine performances, and the 3rd bout should be a barnburner as well.

With that said, I am going to pick Cruz to take out Faber in the rubber match.  The books haven’t put out a line on this one just yet, but it is one to watch for.

For his part, Faber is 5-4 in his last 9 matches, including his 5 round loss to Cruz.  Faber has simply not been impressive lately, and I think that is a trend for him – he is an explosion athlete who has lost a step as he ages, and I am not sure he is capable of returning to the top.

And Cruz has been improving steadily, remains young and explosive and will be getting his firt taste of big time attention with this reality show.  Without a line it is hard to talk about the bet just yet, but at the end of the fight, it will be ‘The Dominator’s hand that is raised.

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