The Worst Injury I Ever Saw…

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Despite a long rehab, Tomomi returned to competition. Picture is thanks tp

I recently did a blog about the bodogFIGHT weekend I was matchmaker for with 12 fights a day for three days in a row.  It was historic, as I outlined in my previous blog.  But somewhere in there a terrible injury occurred, and again I think people need to see and understand just how dangerous the sport can be.  And that it happened in the women’s division made it just that much more harrowing.  The sound of the athlete screaming after the injury will always be imprinted in my mind.

The producer of the show feinted in the production area.  Grown men and fighters couldn’t look.  I am proud of the medical attention given, however it is a situation I hope is never repeated in the sport.

Let me just say above is a clip, it is not the entire fight as it appears that bodogFIGHT videos are not as available as they once were on the internet.  But the video is not for the faint of heart.

The match was between Rosi Sexton and Windy Tomomi.  With Rosi, it is easy for me to get a read on her, she is likely the most intelligent fighter in the sport, man or woman.  With Windy, because of the language barrier it is hard to know her as well, however she is without a doubt a rugged competitor, and she came to fight that weekend.

The first round of the bout went Sexton’s way, as she was able to impose her grappling game on Windy, who is more of a stand up fighter.  In the second round, Tomomi came out aggressive but got caught in a bad position, and what happened is there for all to see.

She was flown from the remote beach where the filming was taking place to a hospital in a helicopter and operated on immediately.  In Japan, she continued her rehabilitation for three months in a hospital specializing in the rehab of athletes.  When she was discharged I had the privilege of visiting her at the hospital.  When she arrived at home, after months in the hospital, she had to throw out her clothes that were still packed in a bag from Costa Rica.  Some were wet with sea water, and they had sat in her living room for three months and become moldy.

As a true testament to her, she has returned and competed again.  And there was no one more classy than Rosi Sexton about the whole thing.  But at the end of the day remember it is a dangerous sport, and let’s be grateful every time the two athletes leave the match without damage like this.   Though I’m asking you to watch it for the purpose of history, no one wants to see that again.

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