This Weekend Could Change Women’s MMA!

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Ronda Rousey faces her toughest test in Meisha Tate as she tries for her first title in MMA.

This Saturday night, March 3rd, in Colombus, OH at the Strikeforce ‘Rousey vs Tate’ card which will air on SHOWTIME, women’s MMA will take center stage for the first time since 2009′s ‘Cyborg vs Carano’ bout.   As we head into the fight, check out the lines -   Ronda Rousey is coming in at a heavy -300, with the comeback on Meisha Tate at +240.  The attention this match has garnered has been solid, and both women have a chance to lift women’s MMA at a time where the future still truly hangs in limbo.  It does have the makings of a great match, with trash talk and all!

Rousey has led the charge of publicity.  Rousey is a fighter with solid credentials keeping an undefeated record in MMA, with no fight lasting more than 1 minute to go with her Judo credentials that include a Junior World Championship Gold Medal and Olympic Bronze.   She has also shown a good bit of charisma, and a propensity to speak her mind.

Tate will definitely be Rousey’s most difficult challenge.  Tate at 12-2 is the Strikeforce champion, but has been largely forgotten in the buildup to the fight.  She is going into the match a heavy underdog, despite a title earned against top competition.

This is the interesting thing about women’s MMA is that the matches are harder to predict.  Will Tate be able to channel the perceived disrespect into motivation?  Will Rousey continue to dominate, or will we see her tested?  I would like to see her catch an upkick and get dropped, kind of like Frankie Edgar in his last match with Ben Henderson – see how she reacts to fighting hurt.

Tate should be looking to extend the fight, and to get off and score some damage on Rousey.  She needs to make it difficult for Rousey to control where the fight is taking place.

The idea is out there that Rousey, coming over from the world of Judo, is a different level of athlete with a different level of competition.  Similar to the time in men’s MMA when the wrstlers started to come over and we got athletes the level of Mark Coleman, Kevin Jackson, Dan Henderson and many more.

But Rousey has also spent time with Gene LeBell, Gokor Chivichyan and what is a very solid and efficient MMA team, so her learning curve is a lot faster than the male wrestlers in the 90s.

So I am going to continue to lay the juice on Rousey, despite the fact that Tate is really not getting the credit she deserves for being an exceptional champion..  Usually I would wait for Rousey to have a breakthru fight first before I jump on the bandwagon, but in this case, I’m willing to bet it up front.  The ladies usually deliver great matches, and with hte eyes of the SHOWTIME world on them, don’t let us down now!

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