This Weekend The UFC’s Chael Sonnen Show Continues!

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we will see if Chael Sonnen has added to his arsenal in this match against Brian Stann at UFC 136

I’m a little worried about seeing the Chael Sonnen versus Anderson Silva rematch.  This weekend, Sonnen faces  Brian Stann at UFC 136, and I’m not sure the world is looking past Stann, which they should not be doing.

The fact of the matter is that Stann is a very credible threat to derail the Sonnen train.

I’m a fan and friend of Chael Sonnen, Chael fought for me on several occassions and I think he is very talented.  More than anything, I have been impressed by his intellect.

But it may be precisely that intellect that holds him back.  Sonnen doesn’t know it all, and I think the triangle by Anderson Silva shows that.  He has a lack of respect for Jiu Jitsu.

Sonnen has been respectful of Stann, but you get the feeling the MMA world is looking past Stann and is thinking of the rematch of Sonnen and Silva.

And when I state that Sonnen at times counts on his athleticism and wrestling and has not really done the study necessary to expand his techniques it is true.  The danger here is that Stann is every bit the athlete that Sonnen is, and he may be a more complete fighter technically already.

Sonnen also has a balls out style, he is a guy that takes the fight to you.  It is what has resulted in his handful of losses.  There is the real potential for him to lose this fight over the weekend at UFC 136, and that would rob the world of the most interesting rematch in recent UFC history.

Is Stann set to play spoiler?  At the sportsbooks, Sonnen isn’t as big a favorite as you might think.  Which means the experts and a lot of the betting public give Stann a real chance in this fight.

So let me say it.  This is just the stupidest of matchmaking on the part of the UFC, because there is only really one fight anyone wants to see at 185 lbs, and that is Sonnen versus Silva 2.   Do you really think Stann versus Silva has anything like the same heat?

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