Thursday Night Football: Can Jets Give Patriots Some Trouble?

The New York Jets are 1-0 but does that mean a big season lies ahead? The New England Patriots won their first game of the NFL season but does that mean they’re automatically going to cruise through the rest of their schedule? More questions hover over this game than a lot of experts might have first considered. It will make for a potentially intriguing night on the NFL lines in Foxborough, Mass.

New York Jets @ New England Patriots

Thursday, September 12th – 8:25 PM ET

Gillette Stadium – Foxborough, MA

NFL Odds: New England -13

Why The Jets Can Cover The Spread…

They have a defense that could very well contain New England’s passing attack. One needs to realize, first of all, that the Jets’ defense stood tall in week one of the season, limiting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to just 17 points and paving the way for a last-second victory. The Jets’ defense is not going to be the problematic side of the ball for this team. Head coach Rex Ryan might not be able to coach offense very well or decide on a quarterback, but he can coach defense as well as anyone in the league. The Jets will have a very realistic chance of bottling up the Patriots, whose main offseason acquisition, wide receiver Danny Amendola, injured himself and played through great pain in Sunday’s win over the Buffalo Bills. With the quick turnaround to this game on a Thursday (only three days off), Amendola is highly unlikely to play. With tight end Rob Gronkowski still on the shelf with an injury and Aaron Hernandez no longer on the team, New England will simply have very few pass-catching options in this game. The paucity of alternatives for Tom Brady is going to make the legendary quarterback – as good as he is – a more limited player. That’s the undeniable reality. If the Jets can simply avoid committing turnovers and can control the ball for any appreciable length of time while also establishing good field position, they could win a game with a score of something like 16-14. That would not be an unheard-of or implausible scenario for this contest.

Why The Patriots Can Cover The Spread…

Their opponent is a mess on offense. The Jets, it has to be said, are sitting at 1-0 because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers committed an awful late-hit penalty in the final 10 seconds of Sunday’s game against New York. A 15-yard penalty at the Tampa Bay 45 turned a 62-yard field goal (or perhaps an attempt to get 10 yards on an additional pass play) into a makeable 47-yard field goal with a handful of seconds left on the clock. New York was gifted that win in what was a poorly-played game from start to finish. The Jets do not figure to score very often against New England’s defense, especially not in a road game at night with little time to prepare. Geno Smith is likely to struggle against the Patriots and their defense-first head coach, Bill Belichick.

Outlook & NFL Football Betting Prediction:

This game simply does not set up well for the Jets at all. Expect Smith to commit at least two turnovers if not more. New England will run away with this one at home. Take them to cover the NFL spread.

NFL Football Picks: New England 

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