Top 10 WNBA Hotties of All-Time

Probably one of the toughest lists to make is this one right here - the most attractive, sexy, appealing ladies of the WNBA. Fighting through moments of pleasure, pain, frustration and gratification, I bring to you a bevy of beauties who have hit the hardcourt and left hot and sweaty.

1. Chantelle Anderson (pictured above and below)

This ball bouncing beauty tops my list with a body that could go for hours and a smile to melt the heart. In my eyes, the total package. A dream who played for the Dream.

2. Candace Parker

Sexy, shy, timid, yet intimidating, this lass has smokey eyes to go with a smooth scoring stroke. Twinkles the twine and bangs the boards while staying every bit a lady, a case could be made to have her on top.

3. Lauren Jackson

The lanky Aussie has the near-perfect athletic body on a 6’5″ frame coupled with seductive looks that can pierce a heart.

4. Kayte Christensen

This girl-next-door baller is one of the consensus all-time hotties of ladies roundball.

5. Marion Jones

Yes Marion Jones in the WNBA, she signed, she makes my list, hands down. The ageless beauty and body have been running through my mind for years.

6. Swin Cash

The ultimate rap star name on a long leggy sharp shooter has a look that means business - the type of girl who owns a room when she makes an appearance.

7. Becky Hammon

Cute as a chipmunk and spunky too, Hammon possess the all-American girl looks.

8. Sue Bird

Another consensus looker who should make any WNBA “hot” list, the guard doesn’t have the drop dead model type of look, but one look, and you’re hooked – even if you can’t put your finger on the “why?”. Looks as good with make-up as she does ‘au natural’.

9. Diana Taurasi

Yes, that Diana Taurasi, something about her perfect imperfection and bad girl persona has me singing her praises here.

10. You Decide

No, really, fill in the blank here, I’m sure there are a bunch of Sheryl Swoopes fans out there as well as others. But to me, the nine above are head and shoulders (well, not really) above the rest of the pack – prove me wrong, who should fill in the last spot?

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