Top 10 Worst Real Names Given to Sports Players

Most of the times I’m sleeping I’m always dreaming of how I failed to be a sport athletes and I get sad. But then again when I see these names I’m thinking being an athletes is not always what it’s cracked out to be, especially if your name sucks.

Top 10 Worst Real Athlete Names

Mysterious Walker

I’m pretty sure this guy was not named Mysterious but his face was saying nothing all the time, so his teammates changed to it. Now it actually fits.

Gaylord Perry

After the Fockers initiated the trend about this name I can’t stop laughing once I hear it or see it. I can just imagining this guy’s mom calling him for dinner: “Gay Dinner is really, Gay ask your friend if he wants to joins us at the table!!”


In Spanish… pinga means Dick… but with adult pornography connotation if you know what I mean…

Dick Butkus

Dick Butkus is actually pronounced butt-kiss… so the guy love ass, good for him.


This is actually his nickname because his real name is Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite… and Kaka in Spanish actually means #2 (doo-doo). I would go with Ricardo from now on.

Johnny Dickshot

He must have started carrying around a baseball bat after being made fun of so much, that’s how he probably got started in the sport.

Ciprian Marica

This is Gaylord Perry all over… in Spanish Marica means fagot…

Dick Trickle

You can’t be named something more messed up than Dick Trickle, am I right? I’ll bet if he was still in sports today he’d be sponsored by some kind of condom brand or an adult movie company.

Dick Pole

Maybe he was considering getting into the adult movie business and figured he’d stick to his real name?

Lucious Pusey

Keep in mind this guy is actually a football player, can you imagine an opposite coach making a game plan for him? “Thomas, you take Pusey, you grab Pusey before he crosses the line of scrimmage and don’t let go, do you hear me? Don’t let go of that Pusey I said!”

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