Top Beauties in Sports 2012

2012 is gone and we are thankful for the memories, especially those amazing sports figures.

Along the way, we got to witness some really sexy ladies making history in 2012, and let’s be serious; It really takes a sexy woman to make it to our blog post!  If you don’t agree with us, please let us know, but we think you will… check it out:

Abigail Klien Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and actress in the film “That’s My Boy” with Adam Sandler.

 Antonija Mišura Croatian Olympic basketball player is stunning.

Arianny Celeste UFC Octagon girl also graced the cover of Maxim for its December 2012 issue.

 Brittney Palmer UFC ring card girl posed necked for Playboy last November.

Ellen Hoog From the Dutch national field hockey team.


Gina Carano Former Strike force women’s champion and “Haywire” star.


Ronda Rousey UFC champion growing up as the daughter of an Olympic judoka.

Lesya Makhno Russian volleyball player who posed for the August issue Russian Maxim.


Alejandra Benitez A Venezuelan Olympic fencer, she represented her country in
London 2012.


Victoria Pendleton Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist.


Laura Enever Inspiring and adventurous surfer from Australia.

Sally Fitzgibbons Surf women’s world number two.


Eloise Amberger Australian competitor in synchronized swimming.


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