Tough Days Ahead in MMA – UFC 153 Falls Apart!

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UFC President Dana White is working with a depleted roster - and depelted PPV numbers as well.

It is a good thing UFC President Dana White doesn’t have any hair left, because he certainly would have pulled it out earlier this week when he heard that his main and co-main events for UFC 153 had fallen apart.  On the same day, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson pulled out of his lightheavyweight battle with Glover Teixera, 145 lb titlist Jose Aldo informed the UFC a foot injury suffered in a motorcycle accident would keep him out of the October 13th UFC 153 event scheduled for Brazil.

Well, UFC 151 will go down as the event that never was.  Everyone including Dana White did poorly on the public relations end with the cancellation of 151.

Now I strongly doubt that UFC 153 will be cancelled as well, but the UFC has a big nightmare here to deal with.

Their recent Calgary event in Canada was a flat event, and the last Brazil event had a lot of changes, including the host city.  Their next Brazil event just fell apart, and the next Canada offering is one GSP hip flexor or Carlos Condit in grown toenail away from being lackluster as well.

Major League baseball’s regular season is coming to a close.  There are a lot of teams out of the playoffs, playing with their Triple AAA squads.  But they aren’t cancelling games.  Hopefully UFC 151 is an aberration and cancelled or postponed UFC events don’t become the norm.

The UFC can go two ways on this.  They can trim their roster down, or they can actually pick up the pace of events and sign another slew of fighters.  The current pool of fighters is clearly not enough.

Will Frankie Edgar stay on the Brazil card now that Aldo has pulled out?  Ther eare a lot of 145 lbers in Brazil he could fight, but none is the draw Aldo is as champion.

Who will fighter Glover Teixeira?  Anderson Silva could step up and fight a non title bout with someone else as a main event.   Or Maybe Lyoto, if he doesn’t need to spend six months with Steven Segal before every fight.

What you are left with is gimmick matches.  Even Dana has talked about luring Fedor Emilianenko out of retirement.  Heck bring Tito Ortiz back too.  Is Chuck Lidell really too old?  Dig up Ebenezer Braga, Carlos Barreto or ‘The’ Pedro Otavio and wheel ole ‘Chack’ out.

After the heydey of Brock Lesnar, the UFC is getting smaller this year.  And that is a product of two things: not having the talent or the farm system to develop a real sport roster, and being a for profit promoter like in Boxing, and not a for profit league like the NFL or MLB.  Hey, they talked about being in the big leagues, and they are not.




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