TUF 14 Finale: Bisping vs Miller Betting Picks

TUF-14-Miller-Bisping betting

Besides looking forward to an awesome match between Michael “The Count” Bisping vs Jason “Mayhem Miller,” we get to see “the show before the show.” Mayhem will no doubt live up to his nickname and make a memorable entrance like he always does. There won’t be enough room for him to dance a choreographed routine with several hot Asian girls while lip singing like he did before his last fight but I bet he has something in store us next Saturday. Another thing we have to look forward to is cashing in on my betting picks, let’s start off by looking at the UFC Odds over at the BetDSI online sportsbook:


Bisping is the favorite as he is ranked the #8th Middleweight, is on a 3 fight winning streak and has been more consistent than Miller. After defeating Dan Miller, Bisping has fought twice over the last year and has wins over Yoshihiro Akiyama and Jorge Rivera respectively. Miller on the other hand has not fought in the last year and his last two fights two fighter were over lesser known (in the U.S.) and less skilled fighters. Does this mean you should totally count miller out? No.

Mayhem has gone up against big names like Chael Sonnen, Georges St-Pierre and Jake Shields. Although he lost via unanimous decision in all three fights, he held his own and lasted all the rounds.  Miller is a fearless fighter and will stand and bang with the best and can also swap submissions with anyone. Jason is a BJJ Black Belt who is a real threat on the floor against anyone, even to Bisping who has never lost via submission.

Miller obviously has the ground advantage, but Bisping most likely will have the stand up advantage even though his opponent will have a 1 or 2 inch reach advantage. If Miller can keep Bisping uncomfortable in his stand up by catching his kicks and clinching when close, then he can steal that stand up advantage as Bisping will be more hesitant in his striking and will default to defending more than attacking.

One more every important thing to consider, this fight will be 5 rounds. Miller will have the more advantage the longer the fight goes as he has better cardio and has fought a fiver rounder before (against Jake Shields). Bisping has never fought 5 rounds, hasn’t demonstrated great cardio and 2/3 of his losses have been via decision, this justifies my earlier statement that Mille will have an edge during later rounds.

Although Bisping has never fought a fighter on the BJJ level that Miller is on, his ground game isn’t bad. “The Count” will be coming in bigger and stronger than Miller and will win if he can stick to his game plan and avoid the ground. Pick Bisping to finish to prove victorious.

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