TUF 17 Finale: Urijah Hall versus Kelvin Gastelum This Saturday…

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Urijah Hall (left) has been a human highlight reel of aggression on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ show. Does that translate to octagon success?

The finals for the 17th season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’  reality show are set for this weekend as Urijah Hall faces Kelvin Gastelum at 185 lbs.  Both men won their semi final matches, as Hall took out Dylan Andrews and Gastelum upset Josh Samman to get to the finals.  Right now, the books have Hall as a heavy favorite at -345, with the comeback on Gastelum at +275.  Hall claearly came out of the reality series as one of the favorites, as he is aggressive and unorthodox.  Gastelum seemed to fly under the radar until the semi-finals, where he upset Samman, scoring the finish with a choke.

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Gastelum is probably going to have to get this fight to the ground to have a chance.   Hall has been a whirlwind on his feet with kicks and punches, and if he does not land the one big strike, his cumulative work will likely outpoint Gastelum.

Gastelum may have a hard time getting it to the ground however, as Hall is just clearly a cut above in the athleticism department – reach, strength, size, quickness all appear to favor Hall on paper.

Gastelum is going to have to try and stay safe on his feet and he is either going to have to pull off something sneaky in terms od a submission, or he is going to have to hope that Hall runs out of gas in rounds 2 and 3.  For his part, however, Hall has several long fights on his resume, whereas Gastelum has only been to the 3rd round once in his short career.

Hall is a big favorite, and MMA writers and pundits have latched on to Chael Sonnen’s words from the reality show – ‘you can beat any of the top 185 lbers’.  For a young fighter who has not done it yet, those are words that can go to your head.  So Hall can definitely beat himself here if he does not keep his eye on the prize.

Almost every factor in this fight is in Hall’s favor, so unless you see something in Gastelum or love the underdog, this match is a stay away.

Hall is fun to watch and according to his growing hoards of fans, he is the 96th edition of the second coming, so that makes him worth watching!  Let’s see him back it up this weekend!




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