UFC 132 Recap – Three Main Card Highlight Videos

UFC 132’s main card definitely had its great moments as we were gifted with three awesome, surprise first round finishes that no one saw coming. Overall, the event was a hit and there was 12,947 people in attendance and the gate was 2.3 million.


1.) Carlos Condit KO’s Dong Hyum Kim via Flying Scissor Knee (Received KO of the Night Award)

Did you see that!? Kim was so stunned after the knee he couldn’t even defend himself. The fight was over 2:58 of round 1.

2.) Tito Ortiz Submits Ryan Bader (Received Submission of the Night Award)

Before this fight Tito was on a 4 loss streak and was going to get cut by the UFC if he lost. He did his homework, prepared, got healthy and came out a winner. The amazing thing is that out of all his 19 UFC fight that was only his 2nd win via submission. The fight lasted only 1:56. Ryan Bader was submitted by Jon Jones in his last fight in the same way, via guillotine choke, and now has a 14-2 record.

3.) Chris Leben Defeats His First Legend Courtesy of Wanderlei Silva

After the fight Chris said that his game plan coming into this fight was to go up the middle as Silva swings wide. His plan played out to perfection. The first upper missed and the second looked like it missed or didn’t connect fully, Silva had warning of more uppers to come but reacted too late as Leben landed the 3rd and 4th uppers then finished him off in more ways than one. After the fight Dana White stated that Silva was most likely going to be let go from the UFC.

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