UFC 133’s Best Bet – Vitor Belfort to KO Yoshihiro Akiyama

The UFC 133 main card gives us a great match-up that’s sure to be a brawl, a brawl that I predict will only last one round. The fireworks are going to start quick and early in this Vitor Belfort vs Yoshihiro Akiyama match so I would stay glued to your seat and keep your eyes peeled. Before we get into the nitty gritty let’s look at the UFC 133 Betting Odds on this fight:


Vitor is the justifiable favorite in my opinion. Although he totally ate Anderson Silva’s foot in his last fight, which was the most talked about KO highlight of the year, Vitor showed great form before getting knocked the hell out and most likely swallowing some of his own teeth. All joking aside, I see Vitor “The Phenom” getting another title shot within the next 18 months if he can pave a path over his next  2-3 opponents. Belfort was on a 5 win streak before getting KO’d by Silva but I don’t think that is going to get in the way of him getting back on track and rocketing to another UFC Middleweight Championship match, if he decides to stay in that weight division.

There has been a lot of over hyped up and coming fighters in the UFC that have been over rated, one of them, and I’m not surprised to say it, is Yoshihiro “Sexyama” Akiyama. Yoshihiro has had a lot of controversy surrounding him in MMA and in Judo tournaments. Multiple MMA fighters and Judo competitors have claimed that Akiyama applied some sort of oil or lotion to his skin or gi, which gave him an unfair advantage in his fights. One time he was caught on tape applying 6 bottles of lotion on his body. He was even suspended from a HERO’s MMA competition for applying substance that made his skin slippery and I suspect that major Judo organizations don’t want him to compete in their events because he hasn’t entered one since 2003.

What does this have to do with the fight? My point is that this guy isn’t the real deal. Yea he has won 2 gold medals in big Judo tournaments and has won 3 Fight of the Night Awards in his last three fights, but he has also lost in his last two fights. He not only lost, he lost his spirit, will and energy in his last two fights. He just isn’t conditioned enough to fight effectively after 2 rounds. And that is saying a lot seeing how for his last fight against Michael Bisping he trained over at Jackson’s Submission Fighting, arguably the best MMA training camp on earth.

Finally getting into the technical side, Vitor has pro boxing experience and faster hands than Akiyama. Vitor has also had a lot more MMA experience and tougher competition.

UFC 133 Betting Picks: I see Vitor Belfort demonstrating to the MMA world that the kick delivered by Anderson Silva had no lasting affect to his confidence or performance. He will make an example out of Akiyama and will leave him looking so ugly that no one will be calling him “Sexyama” anymore. I predict a 1 round KO win for Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort.

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