UFC 135 Betting Predictions: Quinton Jackson vs Jon Jones


UFC 135 Betting Predictions: Quinton Jackson vs Jon Jones


Saturday September 24th, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (32-8) tries to become Lightheavyweight champion once again as he takes on current champion Jon “Bones” Jones (13-1 disqualification). BetDSI.eu Sportsbook http://betdsi.com/live-lines/martial-arts currently have champion Jon Jones a huge -500 favorite against Quinton Jackson.

Rampage Jackson has fought just about any significant name in MMA you could think of and has won a majority of those fights. Since 2005 he has only two losses one from Forrest Griffin (who I think he would kill if they were to fight now) and Rashad Evans both by way of unanimous decision. In that same time frame he has beat (among others): Chuck Liddell (KO punch), Dan Henderson (unanimous decision), Wanderlei Silva (KO Punch), Keith Jardine (unanimous decision), Lyoto Machida (split decision), and Matt Hamill (unanimous decision).

He is a one man highlight real of knockouts, slams, and viciousness. Jon Jones has never experienced a fighter even close to the caliber of Rampage.

Untill recent the trash talk was at a minimal for the two, especially so for the brash and awesome promoter that Rampage is, he has recently been quoted stating:

“I just like people to be real all the time and don’t try to put on a front. When the first interviews for this fight came out, he (Jon Jones) says he’s so humble and all this stuff. Then you really meet him and he seems so cocky.”

(Talking about a press conference in which Jon Jones stated he was a movie star a smack on Rampage for his recent adventure onto the big screen in the movie A-Team)

“He was saying stuff he shouldn’t be saying to a veteran fighter like me. The guy has never walked the way I’ve walked in this sport. Basically, he said the wrong (expletive). And I treat him the way I treat him because I’ve got no respect for him.”

The Champion Jon Jones has destroyed anyone that has stepped into the ring with him with his only loss coming by way of disqualification from an illegal blow to Matt Hamill whom he was beating the hell out of untill the illegal shot. His list of named opponents do not impress as much as his performances against them as his most notable wins are over: Stephan Bonnar (decision unanimous), Jake O’Brien (submission guillotine choke), Brandon Vera (TKO elbows and punches), Vladimir Matyushenko (TKO elbows), Ryan Bader (submission guillotine choke), and a very rusty (long layoff after surgery) Maruicio Rua (TKO punches and knee’s). Not quite the track record and experience as Rampage , but he can only fight who the UFC would put in front of him which he did and crushed.

The champion Jones was not getting into a war of words with Rampage knowing how Jackson loves to make it a heated battle before it even gets in the cage. But with Jackson claiming Jon Jones hired a spy to infiltrate Jacksons fight camp the champion Bones had heard enough and broke his silence stating :

“It was the fact that fans actually considered that I would try to pay someone, find someone to go to his camp and try to get Rampage to trust him and all this ludicrousness. I thought that was pretty interesting that fans thought I would do something like that.”

“It’s not my job to out-talk him. You are talking about an opponent who threatens and harasses every opponent in his career’s history. I’m very aware of it.”

“It definitely makes me fight better. The only reason it makes me fight better is because it makes me prepare better. I realize every quote I make, I’ve got to back it up. That’s why I try to not insult my opponent and say things that I only think will be true.”

My Prediction: Now I cannot say for sure I think Rampage Jackson is going to win this fight. However what I can tell you is that at +400 for a former champion that has not lost a step at all over the years, and is very pissed off, that this is an amazing value. In Rampage your looking at a fighter with light years more experience, fought insanely better competition, and with tremendous value behind your bet. I just don’t see how you can go wrong taking a shot on Jackson over the champ Jon Jones in this one.

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