UFC 137: Penn vs Diaz Will Be Explosive, Bet on It

ufc 137 penn vs diaz bettingGeorges St- Pierre vs Carlos Condit admittedly was a huge draw especially since it is a fight for the UFC Welterweight title. That particular fight that was supposed to headline UFC 137 is now postponed and some people actually went and requested a refund of their ticket. In my opinion the fight card is very well stacked and ticket holders should not think twice about attending this event that will be absolutely explosive. Let’s take a look at some fights that are sure to contain some serious dynamite:

B.J. Penn vs Nick Diaz

Both fighters have an explosive standup game with KO power and a very dynamic ground game. Both are submission experts trained personally by different members of the Gracie family. Cesar Gracie, Nick Diaz’s head trainer, believes Nick will win via submission. I don’t see that happening, I don’t think Nick would risk taking a chance with Penn on the ground, a decorated BJJ Black Belt. Although he is a BJJ Black Belt himself, Nick holds a stronger advantage standing up due to his reach and unorthodox boxing technique. Either way the fight goes each round is sure to be action packed.

The BetDSI UFC betting odds for this fight are as follows:


Nick, being on a 10 win winning streak is deserving of being the betting favorite. I have a feeling he is the one that is going to come out on top in this fight.

Mirko Filipović vs Roy Nelson

With both fighters on a two loss streak any one of them can be let go if they lose. So we should see an added effort on both their parts. Cro Cop, win or lose, might retire anyway as his performance lately has been drastically dwindling. Mirko is a stand up fighter who might have trouble if grounded by Nelson, a BJJ Black Belt with a 30lb weight advantage.

Let’s look at the BetDSI UFC betting lines on this match:


Roy is the betting favorite but I doubt he is the fan favorite even though he won n The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights contract. Neither fighter has a clear advantage but I am leaning towards Cro Crop to prove the victor.

There will be other very explosive fights on this card such as Dennis Siver vs Donald Cerrone, one of my favorite fights on the card. They have both won 4 fight bonus awards so I would bet that this one will earn another. Be sure to tune in and watch the fireworks.

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