UFC 140 Betting Preview: Tito Ortiz vs Antônio Rogério Nogueira

Tito Ortiz vs Antônio Rogério Nogueira betting preview

Fan favorite Tito Ortiz is coming in as the betting underdog; check out the BetDSI UFC Betting Odds below:


Tito is the underdog for good reason; he’s been very inconsistent recently and has only won 1/5 of his last 5 matches. Three of those fights he lost via decision, the guy just doesn’t have a strong enough mental game nor the cardio to perform well when going the distance.  Sometimes he looks like he’s given up, doesn’t have the heart or just doesn’t care when fighting in the last minute of the last round. Tito used to be great; one of the best, there’s no doubt about that. But I am starting to feel that he’s still in MMA because he doesn’t know anything else and because he likes the fame.

Rogério, is an all around good fighter, but he lacks 2 things. First, he isn’t very good at finishing fights as approximately half his fights (12) have ended in decision. Secondly, he doesn’t have any recent wins over big name fighters. He had two opportunities in his last two fights vs Ryan Bader and Phil Davis to jump up in the Light-Heavyweight rankings but failed by losing via decision in both fights. Now Rogério “Little Nog” is ranked #9 and is in danger of getting kicked out the top ten.

This is a hard match to call as no fighter has a clear advantage standing up or on the ground. Although Tito has been inconsistent he does have a first round win over Ryan Bader this year, the fighter that Little Nog fought last year and lost via decision. But the longer the match goes the better Rogério’s chances are of winning as he has 8 wins 4 losses via decision while Tito has 4 wins and 5 losses via decision. I predict this match to be closer than what the MMA Odds reflect and that it will go to decision.

When making your pick, definitely be sure to watch the MMA Odds Breaker 12 Episode video that includes Bas Rutten’s and Frank Trigg’s betting picks on Tito Ortiz vs Antônio Rogério Nogueira at UFC 140.

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