UFC 141 Donald Cerrone vs Nate Diaz – Sure Thing Fight of the Night!

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The 'Cowboy' Donald Cerrone has a tall order ahead of him as he faces Nate Diaz at UFC 141 this Friday.

I have to admit I watched the UFC 141 weigh ins just waiting for Donald Cerrone and Nate Diaz to hit the scales for their lightweight fight tomorrow.   After all, the Diaz brothers always keep things unpredictable, and Cerrone has come across as the type not to take any shit either.   The UFC’s weigh ins have been upping their production level on the live streams, with graphics and videos, but the actual process has become somewhat mechanical, with most fighters making weight and stare downs that end in respectful hugs and handshakes.  It was safe to say that Diaz and Cerrone wouldn’t be shaking hands.

Cerrone came out first and hit 156 lbs, making weight and utilizing the one pound cushion.  He seemed relaxed and chill.

Diaz came out with his brother Nick, and in typical fashion was already vitriolic on his way up the stairs to the podium.  He missed the weight by a pound, and then stripped down and missed the weight again.  He would have to cut down at least one pound, and it was announced that the Nevada commission had given him one hour to do it.

It is hear where I wonder if Donald Cerrone didn’t make a mistake.  Cerrone stepped forward and said that Diaz didn’t have to cut, he would fight him as is.  Honestly it is unclear if the commission still made Diaz lose the pound, or if they took Cerrone at his word and let Diaz go.

They faced off and exchanged some words, Diaz fists up, Cerrone with a sneer and his hands at his side.  To the UFC’s credit, they control the weigh ins pretty good and it did not go beyond that.

Cerrone clearly wanted to send the message to Diaz that the pound didn’t matter, and that in no way did he want that to prevent him from getting his hands on Diaz.  I’ll fight you anyway came through loud and clear.

In my opinion, Cerrone should have forced him to make the weight.  I don’t recommend giving an opponent anything.   I would rather he spend an hour working, stressing his body just a bit more,  than to give him an out.

This is just my impression to illustrate what I think, but if Diaz doesnt have to cut the pound, I don’t think his reaction will be ‘wow, Cerrone really wants this fight’ I feel like it will be more like ‘Thanks sucker’.

I think I had picked Cerrone in an earlier blog, but I’m going with Diaz on this one at the last minute, I think in typical Diaz fashion he is channeling his anger and motivation in a way that works for him as he heads into the octagon.

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